Just in time for the new school year (by a whisker), Emirates NBD have announced some great offers if you pay your school fees using their credit cards.

Repay your fees in three-, six- or 12-month installments at zero percent – or get 10 percent cashback when you spend more than AED 2,500 on fees. Their offers are valid until 31 October. [Search for an Emirates NBD credit card]

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If you miss out on this deal, there’s still two more terms to pay for this year – and it’s not the only bank with school fee deals.

NBAD has a credit card, the NBAD GEMS card, that gives a discount up to nine percent on 29 GEMS schools (applicable only if a minimum of three months’ worth of tuition fees are paid in advance).

The discount depends on the curriculum and therefore school fees, and only the payment for the last month of the school year gets the full nine percent discount. The NBAD credit card is actually the only credit card any GEMS school will now accept.

Finally, the Standard Chartered Titanium credit card gives up to 10 percent cashback on school fees as long as you spend more than AED 2,500. Spend AED 2,500 – 5,000 and get three percent, 5,000 – 10,000 and get five percent and over 10,000 to get 10 percent cashback.