The cost of renovating a house can quickly escalate and ruin a perfectly planned budget. And if you’re on a tight budget, hiring a professional may not be the best option.

So why not take things into your own hands and get it done on a budget? Do-it-yourself or DIY ideas are endless and can add personality and a unique touch to your home décor. Here are five DIY home renovation ideas you can use to liven up your home.

Refurnishing your home – How about used furniture?

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If you’re looking to buy new furniture and other home décor items for that empty corner in your house, why not go the ‘used furniture’ route? With expats constantly moving in and out of the UAE, there are always some great bargains to be had in the furniture department! You can browse through Dubizzle, or keep an ear out for garage sales. You might just score an amazing deal on some beautiful furniture, at a fraction of the original cost. Established retail stores and outlets also have clearance sales periodically, which can help you renovate your home on a budget.

Add some colour to drab looking walls

Photo credit: wavebreakmedia/

Photo credit: wavebreakmedia/

Are your walls in dire need of a fresh coat of paint? Do you want to liven up your home décor with some bright coloured walls? Instead of hiring someone to do the job, why not do it yourself and get your hands a little dirty. All you need is a ladder, a paint can, old newspapers/plastic mat, and a paint roller or brush. You can even get creative and add in a few designs and textures, or even mix and match colours.

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Make old look new

Photo credit: aerogondo2/

Photo credit: aerogondo2/

Has your once great-looking furniture lost its shine and luster overtime? It is easy to transform your old wooden furniture from drab to fab in a single day. Get some furniture polish, which is easily available in form of spray cans as well as in liquid bottles. If you want to use homemade polish, simply mix olive oil or vegetable oil with white or apple cider vinegar. This will give new life to your old furniture, and also help protect it from wear and tear.

Frame your memories


Does your living room or bedroom wall look dull and empty? A blank wall is also a great blank canvas, and you can do so much to make it the star of your home. Use the space to create your very own photo gallery by adding a bunch of beautifully framed family photos or photos from your travels. All you need is an electric drill, a few nails and you can have your favourite memories up on your wall. Simple photo frames can be purchased from retail stores or can even be made at home using cardboard or any other materials of your choice.

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DIY storage projects

Photo credit: Elena

Photo credit: Elena

Running out of space in your cabinets and cupboards? You don’t have to buy another one for extra storage, simply install mini shelves or drawers inside your existing cupboards. And you can do this all by yourself! Just buy a simple assorted toolbox or individual tools such as an electric drill and screw driver. This is sure to help you efficiently utilize the space you already have.