Sometimes taking a road trip at night is unavoidable, be it going out for dinner, returning home late from work, or having to head out during an emergency. However, driving at night comes with its fair share of risks.

In the UAE, statistics show that vehicle accidents are more prone to happen at night than in the day. Here are a few simple tips to incorporate when driving at night to make the experience more pleasant and less risk-fraught as well.

Keep your windshield clean

Without a doubt, that messy windshield albeit irritating, is even more hazardous at night than it is during the day. At night, with the lack of sound illumination, driving with a dirty windscreen is sure to be incredibly disruptive. Residue that you probably won’t see in the day becomes a lot more prominent at night, so it’s critical to clean your windshield properly before you drive away.

Ensure your car lights are working fine

Are your front light and tail lights in great working condition? What about turn signals? You need to see and be seen without blinding the oncoming drivers, so ensure everything is working perfectly. Also, don’t hesitate to turn on your lights well before twilight as an extra precaution, for this would enable oncoming drivers to see you approaching.

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Don’t look directly into oncoming headlights

Make an effort not to look straight into the lights of approaching traffic. When vehicles are barrelling towards you, do your best to cast your eyes down and to the other side, while concentrating on the white line. This will keep you from being briefly blinded by their headlights, and thus, help you avoid losing your sense of direction.

Increase following distance and reduce speed

We’re all in a hurry to get to our destinations. But decreasing your speed and abstaining from closely following vehicles is much more likely to prevent any chance of mishaps on the road. Utilise your headlights to measure your separation and halting time. Keep away from the rear end of cars ahead, and make sure your speed is also contained.

Put your phone away

Regardless of whether you’re messaging, talking to your best friend, or playing Candy Crush, taking your focus off the street is very dangerous. Add to that, the heavy fines that come with texting while driving, being on your phone is just not worth it. Turn your phone to silent mode or switch it off while driving at night to prevent distractions, and boost your overall concentration.

Avoid the fast lane

Driving on an empty road at night comes with the consequence of speeding vehicles that are sure to exploit the empty roads. Staying on the side when driving in such a situation is always helpful as cars that are surging ahead at a much higher speed can pass by without having to honk you down. This practice can also help eliminate the risk of a collision with speeding vehicles approaching from behind.

Driving at night isn’t risk-free, however, by exercising caution and following these tips, you can ensure a safe and incident-free trip.

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