Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) is an ideal platform, offering individuals the opportunity to start businesses in the UAE. It provides people a business friendly environment with exceptional technological facilities.

Adding to these features, DAFZ has revealed it’s plans to create the first B2B smart commerce platform known as Dubai Blink.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Project

Dubai Blink is the world’s first B2B smart commerce base in the UAE. The platform will use artificial intelligence (AI), block-chain technology and virtual business licenses. Thus, this will enable companies worldwide to connect and trade via Dubai. Moreover, through new trade platforms for global free zone companies, it hopes to reshape the future of global supply chains.

It will allow global companies and small scale enterprises to virtually set up digital businesses in Dubai free zones.

Furthermore, the smart commerce project is an innovative model for the future of global supply chains and E-commerce. This model will encourage trade growth for companies in the UAE. Especially, those companies that see the Emirates as a business hub.

The new development will also help support Dubai and the UAE’s vision to create digital economies driven by innovation and technology.

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Dubai Blink: A Solution

Through holistic solutions, Dubai Blink expects to accelerate it’s trade in free zone. The solutions will help companies search for services and make online purchases via combined platforms using block-chain and machine learning.

Additionally, the project aims to solve two issues. First being identification. As lengthy supplier identification and validation processes are tedious to work through. AI algorithms hope to provide researchers customized results in no time.

The second challenge revolves around transactions. International trade barriers, regulations and transaction fee add unwanted complications to B2B commerce. Therefore, the combination of free zone setups, AI and block-chain will help reduce cross-border transactions and time.

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Virtual License

Dubai Blink will also offer global companies a Cloud trading license, which is a virtual business license. This will allow them to explore commercial opportunities in Dubai without a physical copy of the license.

Moreover, the project will open doors to a network of connections, assets and good and services for business in the UAE.

It is expected that Dubai Blink project will be implemented within the next two years.