Dubai has earned a good reputation due to its efforts in scientific advancements. The city has become a hub for research and development. After achieving and setting a lot of world records in various fields, Dubai is now focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

Artificial Intelligence or AI is no longer a virtual world. Due to the ongoing advancements in the modern day technology; It is finally taking a tangible shape. Bringing all the futuristic perceptions to life and creating a reality similar to our Sci-Fi fantasies. AI can transcend into all the sectors ranging from banking, healthcare to transport and education.
Smart Dubai Initiative is a step taken by Dubai government to make Dubai a smart city . The initiative is inline with the purpose maintain a steady pace of developments. The prediction state that the smart city market will increase from over a huge amount of $400 to $1.5 trillion. Dubai is already well-known to be in the front of the technological advancements. The initiative will give way for the city to become one of the prime leaders in the field.

Smart Dubai is segmented in three different approaches namely Smart Life, Smart Economy and Smart Tourism.

Introduction of Cryptocurrency

The technology of cryptocurrency is gaining speed as small steps towards it have been made. The plan is to make the emirate first government to utilize block chain by 2020. This will have a well-organised bookkeeping technology that monitors and records every transaction. As a result, it allows unknown people to trust a well-maintained record. This shared record is provided to all participants involved in the transaction. Hence, it removes the need of a third party i.e. banks, as people get the access to all the records in their computers.

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Virtual Workforce

One great example of the ongoing approach is the introduction of the virtual workforce. The launch of robots that will offer various types of governmental services in Dubai. Now the city has a Robocop that is available on duty at all times and can communicate in six different languages. The Robocop uses Artificial Intelligence in addition to a set of smart technologies to achieve the tasks. It is pretty effective as it uses a software to recognize faces and therefore, helping police officers spot a possible crime scene. It is also capable of broadcasting live video feeds.
Another example is the “Service 1” – a smart government service centre that employs artificial intelligence technology. The service center combines almost 14 government organisations under one roof. It provides a smart access to more than 100 government services offered by eight public entities.

Better Transportation

The increased traffic and long hours of commute will soon become a history with the introduction of flying cars. The vehicle is a smart and extremely eco-friendly because it is easy to handle. A low altitude self-operating vehicle, which can take passengers over short distances. It is a fuss-free flying experience that takes off and lands just with a single click. It is safe and green to make the commute easier and enjoyable.

Result: A Happy Society

The advancements will ease processes in the sectors of health, transport, communications, education, public utilities, and energy.  These will also offer speedy processes and strong economic gains and therefore, leading to a content and easy-going society. The initiative focuses on making life of almost everyone in the UAE advanced and fulfilling.