The annual ranking of Dubai’s private schools has been released and shows a jump in the number of schools rated as good, with just as many ranked outstanding as last year.


Of the 12 schools rated outstanding by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), nine follow the British curriculum.

A further 57 are rated good, up from 51 last year, meaning 49% of the 141 Dubai private schools are rated good or outstanding.

The annual KHDA ratings are based on factors such as students’ personal and social development and the school’s leadership and management. They benchmark all schools regardless of which of the 15 curricula – from UK to US, international baccalaureate to Indian CISCE or CBSE – is followed.

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Crucially, tuition fee increases in Dubai are based on the school’s KHDA ratings and, for 2013-14, are limited to 3.48 percent for outstanding, 2.61 percent for good schools and 1.74 for those deemed acceptable or unsatisfactory.

Table: Summary of schools ranked

KHDA rating No. schools ranked (2013-14) No. schools ranked (2012-13) Change
Outstanding 12 12
Good 57 51
Acceptable 64 68
Unsatisfactory 8 10







The 12 schools given an outstanding rating:

  • The Kings School Dubai
  • GEMS Wellington International School
  • Jumeirah College
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Dubai College
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School (Br)
  • GEMS Dubai American Academy
  • GEMS Modern Academy
  • The Indian High School
  • Dubai English Speaking School
  • Horizons English School

The eight schools given an unsatisfactory rating:

  • The Arqm Private School
  • Al Thuraya Private School
  • New World School Private
  • Crescent English School
  • Gulf Model School
  • H.H Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School Dubai
  • Al Worood Academy Private School
  • New Academy School

* You can visit the KHDA website to view the full list of the 141 Dubai private schools and their ratings.