We wait the entire week for that one weekend off when we can finally find some time to relax. But what do most of us end up doing instead? Lugging around overloaded trolleys at a grocery store and waiting endlessly in a queue for our turn.

Like most UAE residents, you are probably too busy to replenish your groceries during the weekdays and wait for the weekend to visit the local grocery shop. But does it really make sense to physically visit a store and waste precious hours when you can order everything you need on your smartphone with just a few taps! 

From InstaShop to Carrefour, grocery delivery apps are readily available on Android and iOs, and are fast becoming the go-to choice for residents. Whether you need to buy dairy items, fresh vegetables or meat products, you can simply order all you need from any one of these popular apps and get all the items delivered to your doorstep on the same day.

Tempted to check out some of the most popular grocery delivery apps in Dubai and save a trip to the supermarket? Here are a few you should download right away..


InstaShop is among the most popular grocery delivery apps in Dubai. It gives you the option to choose from several stores such as Union Coop, Almaya, Zoom, Metro, Spar, Aswaaq and others. The app guarantees delivery in about 30-60 minutes, depending on your location, and has a user-friendly interface that makes ordering groceries very easy. It also tells you where the nearest participating grocer is. You can easily schedule delivery as per your convenience and mark regular items as favorites for faster checkout.

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El Grocer

El Grocer claims to have one of the biggest online catalog of over 40,000 items and delivers products from popular stores in Dubai like Aswaaq, Union Coop and Al Maya. The app has a chic interface that includes a “personal aisle”, which contains the record of previously ordered items for easier accessibility. El Grocer also lists weekly and monthly retailer promotions on grocery items to help you clinch a good deal whenever you shop online


Kibsons International has been around for over three decades and now allows you to purchase a range of products – from fruits and vegetables to meat products – on their app or website. Kibsons is popular for delivering fresh fruits and vegetables and guarantees free replacements within 24 hours if the quality isn’t good. Aside from regular grocery items, you can also buy raw nuts, healthy drinks, as well as a full basket of specific meal-prep ingredients.


Carrefour is a well-known supermarket and hypermarket group in Dubai and has an app called MAF Carrefour app that allows you to shop for groceries and other daily-use items. Carrefour offers an extensive range of grocery items and has stores spread throughout the city. 

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Union Coop

Another popular hypermarket in Dubai, Union Coop offers a wide variety of groceries and home essentials on its app and boasts of a massive catalog of around 26,000 products. Union Coop encourages customers to use the Tamayaz card – Their in-house loyalty program. With a Tamayaz card, you can avail attractive discounts and find good deals on a range of items and earn reward points every time you shop at Union Coop. 

LuLu Hypermarket

A famous hypermarket in the UAE, Lulu offers a comfortable grocery buying experience and has a wide range of fresh food products and dairy items. The app has a convenient search function that lets you find grocery items and household essentials instantly. With supermarkets and hypermarkets spread across Dubai, Lulu covers the entire city and lets you schedule delivery as per your convenience. 

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