Tuition fees depend on several criteria from curriculum to grades. The range is between AED 11,725 to AED 1,35,000 per annum.

A government authority known as Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for managing and monitoring the standards of private education institutes in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is concentrated towards developing educational institutions in Abu Dhabi. They are responsible towards implementing educational policies plans and programs that aim to improve education and support educational institutions staff to achieve the objective.

If you are planning to move your child to another school within the current emirate then transfer certificate can be required, if it is going to move to a different emirate then student leaving certificate can be required as proof of study. Your child’s current school can provide you with these documents and get them attested by KHDA.

The child needs to be 4 years by 31 December to be admitted to KG1 and 3 years by 31 December to be admitted to FS1/ Pre KG.

The academic year begins in April or March for Indian, Pakistani and Japanese curriculum schools. For others, it begins in the month of September and ends in June or July.

Yes, most of the schools require all potential candidates to undergo an entrance examination/placement test which is followed by review of report cards, grades, transcripts, recommendations and standardized test result from the current and recent academic years.

Child protection policy is incorporated in all the schools across UAE which is an initiative made by KHDA. If any incident takes place with your child, raise the issue with school and if it is not resolved then should be reported to KHDA immediately.

Schools in UAE offer extensive after school activities. These activities include football, basketball, rugby, tennis, swimming for boys and girls. Other extra-curricular activities include musical, dance, drama and many more programs. Some of the activities may require additional payment to be made. 

Yes, students are required to attend school in uniforms which also includes sports uniform and the style will vary from schools.

According to KHDA rules and regulations, this solely depends on the child’s age and prior school. The new school can always assist you on this matter.

In most cases school and KHDA will try to solve the dispute and not disrupt child’s education process. Without authorization from KHDA schools are not permitted to expel any child.