Eid Al Adha is just a few days away, and Muslims all around the world are gearing up for the celebrations. Families and friends gather around to celebrate this festival with grand feasts and sharing of gifts. But when it comes to buying gifts, we often find ourselves stuck in an expensive dilemma – What to get? How much to spend?

If you still haven’t figured out what to gift your loved ones this Eid Al Adha, don’t worry! The Souqalmal team along with joigifts have you covered. Here are three gift ideas and offers that are sure to make a lasting impression on your friends and family, without burning a hole in your pocket.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. But when it comes to selecting the right kind of flowers whether they are roses, tulips or lilies can be a daunting task. Gone are the days when you had to go all the way to hand-pick every stem and petal to arrange your bouquet. You can now save time and money by having your favorite bouquet delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. By ordering online or over the phone you can customize a flower arrangement in minutes. What’s more! You can now buy flower bouquets for less than half the price.

With the ‘Flower Frenzy’ offer from joigifts you can get 60% off on exquisite bouquets. Choose from a wide variety of exotic floral assortments – hand-held bouquets, rose bunches, and so much more. Your budget won’t take a hit with this one!

Pick A Gift That’s Thoughtful, Yet Affordable

When it comes to giving gifts during the festive season, thinking out-of-the-box never hurts. Unique and thoughtful gifts are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. From premium cakes and balloons to customized gifts for men and women, gourmet gift hampers and premium chocolate brands – You can now share the joy of Eid Al Adha with a variety of premium gifts in all shapes and sizes.

If you are looking to get more for less, here’s an offer you’ll find hard to resist – You can now get these premium gifts at a 10% discount from joigifts. There’s something for every budget, with gifts from some of the top brands like Magnolia Bakery, Godiva, Forrey & Galland, Ted Baker, MacKenzie-Childs, Chateau Blanc and more. Go ahead and shower your family and friends with love this Eid, no matter how diverse their interests are.

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Up your Gifting Game with a “Singing Telegram”

Sometimes, the way you give your gifts can speak louder than the present itself. If you are looking to add a cherry on top of your gift, then why not have a little song accompany it, with the ‘Singing Telegram’. This will not only surprise your family and friends but will also make your Eid a memorable experience.

Never heard of a Singing Telegram before? It’s basically a singer who delivers your gift to the recipient while singing a song of your choice to make your gift all the more special. Talk about creating an impression!

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