1. Collectibles: If your dad travels often for work or pleasure, buy him the Deluxe Scratch-Off World Map from Urban Outfitters. Every time he returns home, he can scratch-off the foil surface on areas of the map to show where he has just visited. (Price: $38)
  2. Handy tools: For dads who always like to be equipped during an emergency, Amazon has a couple of options on Swiss army knives. These portable tools can easily be attached to his car keys and be used as and when he needs them. (Price: $6 -$60)
  3. Golf lovers: The SensoGlove is an ideal present for dads who like to unwind at the golf course. This gadget gives players information on their swing, precision and grip pressure. ( Price: $22 -$132)
  4. Experiences: For fathers who are history buffs, booking a site seeing tour around Saudi Arabia might just be the perfect gift. Al Ashitaiwi Tours has a various packages which cover hotel stay and transportation to various historical sites in Saudi Arabia. (Prices vary depending on package)
  5. Trendy decorations: You father may have an eye for trendy items, consider buying him a frame he can hang on his bedroom wall. Etsy has multiple options for handmade frames and posters with motivational quotes. (Price: $15)
  6. Dining essentials: Fathers who love their spices would welcome the DIY Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit from Food 52. The kit includes six bottles of hot sauce in different flavors. (Price: $35)
  7. Basic necessities: Help your dad stay groomed with items such as a beard trimmer, a shaver, or hair clipper. Panasonic has a range of products you can select from to gift to your dad. (Price: $12 -$499)
  8. Sports gear: With the Nike+ Fuel Band, your dad can track his activity all day long. From workouts to sleep tracking, the Nike+ Fuel Band would be a great gift for dads looking to get back in to shape. (Price: $99)