Ambareen Musa was featured in the Entrepreneur MiddleEast May, 2016 issue.

 Ambareen Musa, founder of Souqalmal. com, notes how the reception to tech-oriented entrepreneurs like her has been quite welcoming. “When I talk to my investors, one thing they tell me is their founders who are female perform a lot better than the male founders,” she reveals.

Here is a tip from Ambareen Musa for young entrepreneurs:

On pitching for funds “I find a lot of girls somehow feel a bit intimidated, especially in front of investors. There is a lack of confidence, because it is such a maledominated ecosystem and a lot of younger females are intimidated by the VCs. For their first round of funding, they go ‘How do I talk to this guy? This guy has 50 years of experience behind him, he sold his business, and he’s made a lot of money… Now, how do I do this?’ Everybody knows that you’re 26, you don’t have to be 45. If you’re 26, be 26- you’ve got a great idea.” Ambareen Musa, founder and CEO,

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