The most common public perception when the word “ Entrepreneurs ” is mentioned in any conversation is the image of middle-aged CEOs or business owners with grand ideas, life changing mindsets, and record-breaking innovations.

What we seem to miss are the “Entrepreneurs who don’t wear capes”, they are the low key “Intrapreneurs”. From office assistants to Mid-level executives, any of these could be your concealed entrepreneur waiting to be discovered.

Most CEOs are unfortunately often threatened by the idea of entrepreneurial mindsets in their workplace. However, this mindset could benefit them more than they think if they encourage these individuals. Micromanaged in the right way these “Gems” could take your business to higher levels. In several studies, a direct positive correlation has been found between the performance of a company and the number of intrapreneurs in it.

We took the liberty to list down the top behavioral qualities these office entrepreneurs exhibit to help identify them in your office :

The Independent Team Players

They are usually the individuals with the right action at the right time. They are good at working efficiently in a team, knowing when to take control and lead, and when to be part of collective team decision making. They simultaneously inhibit both characters putting them to the best use in times of need accordingly.

“Calculated Risk” Takers

Quite often a quality you hear most leaders should have, but the idea was never in blindly taking risks, but more of taking the right risks. Taking a chance on what is considered of high potential value that may be risky yet could bring back major rewards and payoffs. These individuals are easy to identify and stand out amongst many.

Taking Responsibility

In most work cultures, owning up to results or certain work outcomes comes at a later mid-career stage for most individuals. Usually associated with managers or team leaders, Intrapreneurs have the early courage and transparency of admitting to their actions and decisions. Be it a success or failure; they have no doubt that their actions right or wrong can always be taken constructively and move into progress from there on.

Planning their next move

Jumping into challenges is almost always well appreciated, but it can bring more trouble than rewards if not assessed properly. Entrepreneurs will recognize opportunities and its outcomes and accordingly lay out a solid strategy to achieve their goal and extensive contingency plans for possible changes. They are very “high task oriented” and approach any challenge with careful steps.

High-level Efficiency

When everyone’s working hard, they work smart. They are more concerned with the effectiveness of every task performed and rather the result. They pay very high attention to details and its return on the overall goal. Individuals as such will boost the productivity of any team they’re part of, saving time, energy and resources while doing it.