The general public expected as it is the case every year the release of Apple’s flagship iPhone X. The superior to its predecessor will be flooding the market next week. In addition, Apple will be releasing two more devices, the “iPhone8 and iPhone 8 plus” to cover the Mid-level to high-income sectors with a variation of specs across the three devices matching its price offering.


We took the liberty to break down and summarize the juice of expert speculations on what could be the closest technical description of the long-anticipated iPhone(s):


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iPhone X

  • Expected Price: The expected is to range between AED 3500 – AED 4500 depending on the storage selected
  • Storage: 64 GB, 256 GB and 512GB
  • Operating system: iOS 11 with A11 chip.
  • System Memory: 3GB RAM
  • Display: 5D OLED seamless edge-to-edge infinite display, for a larger video aspect ratio display and subtle view.
  • Design: 8-inch in size with a glass body and stainless-steel edges.
  • Dimensions: 143mm X 71mm X  7.5mm
  • Distinct features:
    • Top of display notch containing front camera, visual sensors and earpiece speakers
    • Bottom function bar at bottom
    • Virtual home button eliminating the old home button.
    • Enhanced Water Resistance IP 68
    • Possible Apple Pencil support.
    • Possible Airpod addition ( AED 600 )
  • Rear Camera:
    • Vertical dual-lens with ‘smart camera
    • Augmented reality capabilities
    • 4K video recording at 60 fps
  • Front Camera: Face ID to unlock your phone with 3D sensing
  • Charging capabilities: Wireless (inductive) charging with a 7.5W power and a 2700 mAh battery
  • Identification: Face ID to unlock instead of its predecessor touch ID


iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

  • Expected Price:
    • (8) Starting at AED 2300 onwards depending on storage selection
    • (8 Plus) Starting at AED 2700  onwards depending on storage selection
  • Storage : 32GB, 128GB and 256GB
  • Operating system: iOS 10 x
  • System Memory: 3GB RAM
  • Display: LCD (IPS) with a True Tone Screen Technology
  • Design:
    • Aluminium Body
    • Stainless Steel Edges
  • Dimensions:
    • (8 Plus) 5.5-inch ( 158.2mm X 77.9mm X 7.3mm)
    • (8)  4.7 inch ( 138.44mm x 67.27mm x 7.21mm )
  • Rear Camera:
    • Vertical dual-lens with ‘smart camera.
    • Augmented reality capabilities
    • 4K video recording at 60 fps. (3)
  • Front Camera: Incremental improvements
  • Charging capabilities: 2900mAh battery with 20% faster charging than the iPhone 7
  • Identification: Fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. Touch ID