Who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of winning a lucky draw? Many of us would have dreamt of winning the elusive jackpot several times. Who knows, you may just have your name written all over the next big lucky draw.

Feeling lucky this time? From prize-linked savings accounts to big-ticket airport draws, there are several ways of signing up to win a large cash prize.

Here are some of the biggest lucky draws running in the UAE right now.

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free

Let’s begin with the biggest lucky draw in the country! Big Ticket is a monthly draw that offers a mega prize ranging from AED 10 million to AED 15 million. Started in 1992 and true to its name, Big Ticket also offers draws for Dream Cars such as Corvette, Jaguar, Ford Mustang, etc. 

How to enter the draw

If you are interested in going for the AED 10-15 million jackpot, the ticket will cost you AED 500. You get one ticket free if you buy two – So that’s three entries into the draw for AED 1,000. If you are interested in winning the car, you can buy the tickets for BMW and Land Rover draws that are priced at AED 155 and AED 150 respectively. You can buy tickets online at www.bigticket.ae or at these locations: Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Duty Free and Abu Dhabi City Terminal. Since it’s a monthly promotion, it begins on the first day of the month and ends at 11.59pm on the last day of the month. 

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Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire

This lucky draw was launched by Dubai Duty Free 20 years ago and is capped at 5,000 tickets per draw. The draw takes place every two or three weeks and offers a jackpot of USD 1 million (AED 3.67 million). It also has a promotion for luxury cars such as (Mercedes, BMW, etc) called the ‘Finest Surprise’ draw. 

How to enter the draw

The ticket for the Millennium Millionaire draw is priced at AED 1,000. The cost of tickets for the Finest Surprise draw is AED 500 and the number of entries is limited to 1,300 or 2,300 for high-end variants from Bentley, Aston Martin etc. The tickets can be purchased directly at Dubai Duty Free located in Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport and can also be bought online at http://www.dubaidutyfree.com.

ADIB Ghina Savings

This prized-linked savings account offers a jackpot of AED 3 million to a lucky winner every four months while ten winners get a prize of AED 10,000 each, every month. 

How to enter the promotion

Just open a Ghina savings account at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) with a minimum deposit of AED 20,000 to get an entry into the lucky draw. For every additional AED 20,000 you deposit, you will get an extra draw coupon. If you have a balance of over AED 250,000 in your account during a full calendar month, you can get an extra draw coupon for every four coupons. With four coupons, you can enter the grand prize draw and the entries are capped at 1,000 per account. 

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National Bonds Rewards Program

A lucky UAE national and an expatriate can win a lucky draw prize of AED 1 million every quarter under the National Bonds Rewards Program. Additionally, every month, two lucky winners will take home AED 100,000 each in bonds and 15 people will win AED 10,000 each in bonds. As many as 40,000 people can also win AED 50 each per month. There are some additional prizes exclusive to women and minors, under this promotion.

How to enter the promotion

To be eligible for the contest, you need to purchase bonds online at www.nationalbonds.ae. You can also purchase the bonds on the phone or visit any one of the 550 nationwide outlets. The minimum value of the bond you must purchase should be at least AED 100. 

The program is open for both single transaction savers and those who open a myPlan account. You can increase your chances of winning by investing a higher amount into National Bonds. You get two chances per bond if your investment is between AED 50,000 – AED 150,000. You get three chances per bond if your investment is between AED 150,000 – AED 350,000. You get four chances per bond if your investment is AED 350,000 or higher.

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