The arrival of summer brings about very tough conditions, but do you know what this means for your car? Here’s a guide on how to keep safe on UAE roads and prepare your car for the scorching summer months.

1) Air-Conditioning check: the first thing that probably comes to mind when temperatures are rising is how to stay cool on the road. With temperatures reaching 50 degrees celsius in the region, car AC systems often have to work on full capacity. It is highly recommended to have your car AC system checked before the temperatures reach their peaks. AC maintenance will include a cleaning of the filters, fixing of any leaks and gas refilling, if necessary. Generally, it is recommended to perform car AC maintenance once a year.

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2) Tire pressure: tire burst is one of the most frequent causes of accidents on the roads of the UAE. When temperatures rise to extreme levels, the air inside the tires tends to expand which can over-inflate the tire and eventually cause it to burst. During the summer, make sure you regularly check the pressure levels of your tires at petrol stations using the free tire pressure control machines. Do not forget to have the spare tire checked too.

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3) Battery health condition: summer will also be more demanding on your battery. If you have not changed your battery in the last two years, this may be the right time to do so to avoid it suddenly dying on you – especially while parked at public places like malls. You can also drive your car to the nearest garage and ask them to check the battery charge level. They would be able to tell you if it needs immediate replacement or if it can still last you through the summer.

4) Window tinting: even if you are not normally a big fan of tinted windows, the summer could be a good time to reconsider. Make sure this is done using good quality film as tinting can considerably reduce the amount of light and heat, passing through the windows. When it is hot and sunny outside, tinting can help reduce the intensity of air conditioning you need by one to two levels.

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5) Sunshade: car sunshade could prove to be your best friend in the summer. Consider those that use thermo-reflective materials (the ones with an aluminium foil look) over the ones made of simple fabric or paper. The former will reflect the sun’s direct rays and keep the car’s interior cooler.

And if you are keen on trying out the latest gadgets for your car, nowadays, you can  find sunlight-powered internal fans to fix on the front windscreen. These can help cool down the car while you are away.