Is it not frustrating when your broadband speed is just as fast as you want it to be?

A slow connection can make everything become so much more difficult, considering we are so dependent on the internet for everyday tasks from research to booking our holidays. So we’ve put together four tips to help you increase your broadband speed…

1. Make sure your network is secured

If you leave your broadband network open, it is accessible to everyone else – and the more people using your network, the slower it gets – let alone the security risks this poses. To secure your network, you need to change your settings to ask for a password.

2. Position your router in (ideally) an open place

Your signal strength is affected by anything in its way, such as walls, partitions etc. Try to put your router in the middle of your home where there are fewest obstacles. Keep it away from metals and other cordless devices as this may interfere.

3. Help your computer to run effectively

First of all, try to delete your cache to remove history and lighten your browser. Check whether there are too many applications running in the background as this will slow things down.

4: Update your browser

It’s important to keep your internet browser updated to the latest version. It will make your internet faster and you can even install add-on’s to your browser which can increase speed.

5. Upgrade your plan

Your last resort – but maybe the easiest – is to apply for an upgrade in speed of your broadband to something that can suit you better. You can use to compare the latest broadband deals.

In terms of switching provider, we are very limited in the UAE. Areas are served generally by only one broadband provider – e.g. Jumeirah Beach Residences is served by Du, The Lakes in Emirates Hills is served by Etisalat. Very often there will be no choice of providers but there is a choice of plan.

Make sure you find out who the provider is if you are moving house and take the time to compare the different plans from the provider that serves your area so you take up a plan that suits your needs. And use a broadband speed checker like Speedtest to make sure you’re getting the speed you’re supposed to out of your service.