With companies such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC having established their presence in the smartphone market, it is time for another player to join in. Enter Google! Google introduced the world to its first-ever ‘Made by Google’ smartphone on 5th October 2016. Say hello to the brand new Google Pixel.

You may be wondering, “No, this isn’t the first phone by Google. What about Google Nexus?” Google had partnered with other manufacturers such as LG and HTC for hardware, and that combined with Google’s software saw the launch of the Nexus range. With the launch of Google Pixel, Google will now be in control of both the hardware and software.

Let’s find out what unique features Google Pixel has to offer:

Take amazing pictures

Camera quality has become an important factor when deciding which smartphone to buy. According to the DxOMark mobile camera rating, which analyzes the quality of images taken from different smartphones, Google Pixel has received the highest rating among all smartphones out there. The 12.3 MP camera, with super fast shutter speed, takes pictures in great detail, making sure your low light pictures look great too.

Store unlimited pictures for free

Now you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage space, ever! Google Pixel owners will be able to enjoy unlimited cloud storage for free. You’ll be able to save all your photos and videos even if they are in high resolution. This is also an additional benefit for Pixel owners, as the phone does not facilitate expandable storage, and has only two storage options – 32 GB and 128 GB.

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Get your personal assistant

“Google Now” has been around for a while and still exists, but a new revamped version has been installed in the Google Pixel as your personal assistant. It offers more capabilities and functions, and can now answer multiple questions. For example, it can look for movie timings followed by booking the movie for you. You can now talk to your personal assistant or type in a question. It can be activated by using the command “OK Google” making it more interactive right from the start.

Charge faster, make it last longer

We’ve all struggled to keep our smartphones alive as the end of the day approaches. Google now claims that the Pixel can be charged for 15 minutes, which can make the battery last for up to 7 hours. This also depends on your usage and is an approximate indication. This is expected to be a big draw, since superior battery performance is something most smartphone buyers look for.

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