Most people in the UAE are working adults who are busy throughout the day and find very little time to take care of household chores. Given the hectic lifestyle, there’s a high demand for experienced and trustworthy domestic help among families. That’s where Tadbeer’s services come in…

Launched last year under the authorization of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE), the Tadbeer centers serve as a one-stop destination for anyone looking to hire trained and skilled full-time domestic workers ranging from maids and nannies to drivers and cooks.

What exactly is Tadbeer?

Tadbeer is a service run by the UAE government, which offers a centralized system of recruiting and employing domestic workers in the country. The multiple Tadbeer service centers spread across the UAE offer a legitimate route for hiring domestic workers, and ensure a hassle-free recruitment process for both employers and employees.

Tadbeer hires domestic workers from several countries and brings them into the UAE under MoHRE’s sponsorship. Tadbeer also manages the entry documentation, legal work, training and six-months accommodation for the workers in-house. Thereafter, it facilitates workers’ interviews with prospective employers.

Private recruitment agencies are also required to be registered with Tadbeer. This helps Tadbeer ensure fair treatment of workers and proper regulation of these agencies.

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How do you hire a maid through Tadbeer?

Tadbeer brings together employers and domestic workers under one roof to facilitate a transparent hiring process that benefits both the parties. Here’s how you can hire a maid through Tadbeer…

1. Visit a Tadbeer center and submit your request for hiring a domestic worker.

2. When filling out the application, specify the category of domestic worker you need – housekeeper, nanny, driver etc. You’ll also have to state if you’re lookin for a live-in or live-out help, work hours and any specific skill sets required. For instance, if you need a first-aid trained nanny, you must mention that in the application.

3. Thereafter, several profiles of suitable workers will be shared with you based on your requirements.

4. You can then shortlist profiles of the most suitable candidates and set up interviews with them at a Tadbeer centre.

5. Once you select a domestic help, Tadbeer will kick-start the contractual obligations and payment requirements. Both the employer as well as the worker will have to agree on the terms of the contract.

Through a transparent hiring process, Tadbeer ensures that both parties are satisfied with the contract. In case you have any disagreement with the worker, you can submit a request for an immediate replacement. You won’t be held legally liable if the worker flouts the terms of the contract.

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What hiring packages are offered by Tadbeer?

Depending on your needs, you can hire domestic help through any of the four options provided by Tadbeer…

Direct recruitment from country of origin

This option allows employers to directly recruit a worker from a source country. Tadbeer provides a 180 day guarantee period during which the employer can ask for the candidate to be replaced.

Six-month contract leading to employer sponsorship

Under this option, you can hire a domestic worker under a six-month temporary contract. Thereafter, if both parties are satisfied, you can get the worker fully transferred to family or business sponsorship for a longer tenure. The transfer fees and monthly salaries are set by Tadbeer, and these vary based on the worker’s nationality.

Two-year contract under Tadbeer’s sponsorship

This option may work for those who don’t want to undergo the sponsorship formalities and get the worker transferred to their own sponsorship. The minimum salaries for workers under this option too are set by Tadbeer, based on the MoUs signed with the workers’ countries.

Provision of part-time domestic services

Under the last option, families can hire workers on a monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly basis. Standard wage rates for all these frequencies are set by Tadbeer.