Excited for the upcoming holiday season? Aren’t we all! But let’s face it, despite waiting desperately for the holidays to begin, we are all secretly dreading the one activity that is a major source of stress each year. Yes, we are talking about buying gifts! 

Our close family members, friends, relatives – we all have a list of people for whom we buy gifts each holiday season. However, each year we face the same old problem of selecting the most suitable gift for our loved ones. From gadgets to clothes to accessories, there are literally thousands of options out there and yet we end up spending an inordinate amount of time to pick out the perfect gift.

Why not save yourself some precious holiday time and avoid the stress of running from one store to another by picking gift cards this year! Gift cards not only make for great holiday presents but offer your friends and family a wide range of options to choose from. Be it gift cards from leading shopping malls to those applicable at popular electronics stores – you can choose from a wide range of cards for all your friends and family members. 

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Here’s why a gift card makes for the perfect gift during the holidays:

Saves time

Why waste hours browsing 10 different shopping websites when you can buy a bunch of amazing gift cards from one? Gift cards are easy to purchase and are available at all leading shopping websites. 

Offers plenty of options to the recipient

Despite so many options at stores and shopping websites, we are always confused about the perfect gift for a closed one. Why not let them decide for themselves? A gift card makes for a perfect present since your friends and family members can use them whenever they like and pick out their favorite items from a wide range of options. 

Easy to gift

We all like to keep in touch with distant relatives and friends, but it is hard work to send them physical gifts each year during the holiday season. With a gift card, you can simply send them a digital voucher which they can redeem whenever they want!

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Here are some of the top ways to purchase gift cards in the UAE: 


One of the most popular gifting websites in the country, YouGotAGift offers a wide range of gift cards to choose from that are redeemable at over 160 popular brands in the UAE. You can choose from a broad range of gift cards across various categories. These range from electronics to beauty products to hotel vouchers. The website also allows you to personalize the gift card with a message, photo or a video for an added personal touch. 

Mastercard & Visa prepaid gift cards

You can purchase a prepaid gift card from leading financial services firms like Mastercard or Visa. Best part – These cards can be used at any store that accepts these cards, which is pretty much every store out there! Prepaid gift cards are valid for a certain period of time and allow the holder to purchase anything under the limit of the card at most of the leading stores in the country. 

Mall & Outlet gift cards

Apart from these, you can also purchase gift cards offered by Mall of the Emirates, Emaar, Apparel Group, Alshaya, etc. These cards can be redeemed at leading shopping, dining, and entertainment outlets linked with these brands. For instance, a Majid Al Futtaim gift card can be redeemed at Mall of the Emirates and all City Centres across the UAE, giving recipients access to over 2,100 redemption options. The cards come recharged with a fixed amount and also allow users to check the balance online.

So go ahead, pick a gift card and indulge in the joy of giving this holiday season!

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