Building insurance can be taken if you are legally liable for the building as a landlord. This insurance is not applicable to tenants who have rented out the building.

Accidental damage is the damage to your possessions without a deliberate action caused by an external means.

You need to specify the contents whose value is greater than the amount specified by the insurance company.

Contents cover includes items inside the house, while personal belongings cover includes items outside the house.

For additional cover or increased limits, you can contact your insurance provider to arrange cover according to your needs. Compare Home Insurance in UAE

Home Insurance covers your house against loss or damage caused by events such as fire, lightning, earthquake, flood, storm, malicious damage, riots, theft and more.

This cover ensures that your home contents are replaced or repaired as new. This excludes clothing and household linen.

Legal liability cover protects you in the event there is an injury, loss or damage to any third party at your home.

Tenants liability cover protects you in the event there is loss or damage to your landlords fixtures and fittings.

Most home content insurance policies provide alternate accommodation or compensate the rent lost due unexpected events such as fire.