How do I know I’m pregnant?

This is probably one of the most searched questions on Google! You’re probably feeling back pains, soreness, exhaustion, cramping, nausea, cravings, bloating and mood swings.

But apart from the physical changes, you may also notice some changes to your bank account… So how much does it cost to have a baby in the UAE? In short – a lot.

Pregnancy costs

The total costs of your pregnancy will vary according to the antenatal package you select. It will also depend on the hospital you choose – private or government.

Without health insurance coverage for pregnancy, you can expect costs for antenatal care to start at AED 2,000 and go up to AED 6,000. This includes consultations, special organ scans, clothes and supplements.

To reduce expenses, it’s best to get insured. However, be sure to read all the fine print for your maternity cover, since insurance providers do not always cover all examinations and procedures.

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Delivery cost

Packages for delivery in the UAE start at AED 2,000 and can go up to AED 35,000. However, the cost will depend yet again on the hospital you choose and whether you are having a natural birth or a Cesarian (C-section).

The procedure you select, the kind of room you take and the total number number of days you stay will impact the costs significantly. Also induced birth, twin deliveries or any other complications bring additional charges.

It’s a good idea to do as much research and reading as possible about your insurance’s maternity coverage. Make sure you are familiar with all the services and procedures that are covered, to avoid any surprises later.

Post-pregnancy costs

After you are done paying for the antenatal care and the delivery fees, the post-pregnancy costs begin. Basic shopping needs start at AED 9,000.

Yes, having a baby in the UAE is an expensive affair. Here is a list of things you will require in the first six months of bringing your little bundle of joy home.

The baby shopping list

  Min (AED) Max (AED) Average AED
Baby cot 455 1,575 1,015
Sheets x3 96 156 126
Blankets x 2 54 458 256
Car seat 149 1,620 885
Pushchair 99 2,185 1,142
Changing tables 370 390 380
Baby bottle (12 bottles) 120 828 474
Milk powder (~ 26 boxes) 780 2,886 1,833
Clothes (sets, nightwear, bibs, & burp clothes) 200 680 440
Nappies (for 6 months) 390 1,976 1,183
Baby products (bath, shampoo, oil, powder etc) 60 187 124
Moses basket 220 560 390
Baby monitor 99 999 549
Sterilizer 42 159 101
Total 3,134 14,659 8,897


Also, for parents who live in two-story villas or own two cars , you may need two sets each of big-ticket items like car seats and changing tables. And, if you thought the expenses ended there – there’s also toys, accessories, and nanny costs that we have not taken into account yet.

Being financially prepared is an absolute must for this, the most fulfilling experience of your life.