Dubai is a city of dreams where people from all over the globe aspire to live. But the unique experience of living in this global hotspot is complete only if you are living in a lovely home. Whether it’s a condo, a cozy apartment or an opulent villa, buying or renting a house in Dubai requires some footwork, research and most importantly – a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent who can guide you in the right direction and help you zero in on the ideal house. Looking to buy a brand-new house or wish to live in a rented property? Here are some tips to find a reliable real estate agent:

Ask questions

Since agents help you during one of your most important financial decisions, it is important to maintain a free-flowing and transparent communication from the get-go. From their sales history and experience to the way they conduct their business, ask as many questions you want to understand your agent. Some of the things you can ask as a buyer are: How familiar are you with the neighborhood? How long does the buying process typically take? How many clients have you served in the past? What is your sale-to-list ratio?  

Seek referrals

Don’t shy away from seeking a contact list of a few clients that the agent has conducted business with in the last year or so. Speaking to past clients will give you a good idea about the agent and will help you preempt the type of relationship you will have with them if you enter into a contract. So, make sure you ask things like whether the agent is prompt while responding to queries, whether they would consider choosing the firm again, etc.


When it comes to picking a real estate agent, it is always advised to pick one with a few years of experience. Lack of experience can be a big demerit especially during large or complex transactions and will lead to issues during negotiation. Season professionals, on the other hand, will not only help you identify better properties but will ensure that you don’t run into any trouble with the paperwork. 

Check for proper paperwork 

Property scams in Dubai may not be that common, but they do happen. It is always wise to check the credentials of the agent and find out whether they are RERA-certified (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) or not. And don’t just stop at RERA certificate. Make sure that the agent assures you that they will provide paperwork like Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and No Objection Certificate (NOC) during the deal.

Look for online footprint

With people heavily relying on the internet for all their needs, online listings and reviews have become the best way to filter out agents. Check out the online presence of the realtor to determine whether they have been ranked highly by people. By online presence, we mean look them up on Google, check their Facebook/Twitter pages, and read up on the reviews. You can also do a quick search on whether they have featured in any news articles and what kind of coverage they have received. This will give you a fair idea about the agent and could help shape your decision. 

Talk to at least 3-4 agents 

No matter what neighborhood you have chosen to buy your property in, it is imperative that you talk to at least three or four agents before narrowing down on one. Don’t just finalize the deal at the very first agent you stumble upon. Speaking to different agents will give you a fair sense of their credentials and will help you make a wiser choice.

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