Insuring your yacht is a legal obligation in the UAE. The Maritime Code of the UAE federal government requires all categories of marine crafts to be adequately insured to guarantee the highest levels of maritime safety and secure navigation throughout the coastal waters of the UAE.

Because of the broad and highly specialized nature of yacht insurance covers, a policy needs to be dedicated to individual owners related to their engine specifications, build of yacht, type of use, docking port and cruising waters. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or new to the yacht club, it may be a concern trying to decide where your vessel fits into this broad insurance spectrum.

Below we address the essential questions related to obtaining the right level of cover for your yacht in Dubai.

What Should Yacht Owners Look for in an Insurance?

While searching for a competitive price for the insurance premium is important, it should not be the sole deciding factor when settling on a policy. You should try to strike the right balance between cost and value.

It is recommended that you deliberate with an insurance advisor and scrutinize every possible aspect of the policy before you commit to purchase. You want to be certain that your personal property and legal obligations are properly protected and you will be fairly compensated when needed. You must also consider all optional extras and choose the ones relevant to your situation. These include extended geographical area cover, personal effects cover and many more.

You should also be aware of all exclusions in your policy.

How Is the Premium on Yacht Insurance Calculated?

Yacht Insurance premiums are calculated based on build of the vessel and risk assessment.

Evidently, less powerful boats are cheaper to insure than high value yachts with powerful engines. Other risk factors include age of the vessel, maximum designed speed limit, general weather conditions in port and at sea, location of docking port or station, potential for damage, previous claims experience, yacht operator’s experience as well as what way and how much he intends to use it.  

Where to Find a Reliable Yacht Insurance Provider in Dubai?

It is in your best interest to compare quotes and policy features across insurers to single out a plan that suits your needs. You can consider directly purchasing your Yacht Insurance from an insurance company in Dubai, but approaching insurers individually is going to take significant time and effort.

Online purchase of insurance policies is becoming increasing popular owing to the ease and options it offers. By undertaking a thorough research of all available options, it should be easy to find the right cover for your specific requirements. delivers quotes from over five leading Yacht Insurance providers in the UAE. The side-by-side comparison lets you view the policy specifications offered by each insurer and guarantees that you sign up for the right policy that provides the ideal coverage for your needs.