Do you have a bank account that meets your requirements? If you are looking for an account to manage your finances, check out the wide range of Shariah compliant accounts offered by ADIB. Based on whether you are looking for a current, savings or deposit account, find out how you can open a bank account with ADIB.

Which account should I open?

ADIB offers accounts such as ADIB Current Account, ADIB Savings Account, ADIB Electron Account, ADIB Gold Priority Banking, ADIB Recurring Investment Account and ADIB Ghina Savings Account. While there is no profit that can be earned on the current account, savings and deposit accounts let you earn a return on your money, in terms of profit.

ADIB also offers a prize-linked account which gives you a chance to turn saving into winning with the ADIB Ghina Savings Account. Open an ADIB Ghina Savings account for an opportunity to save and win AED 3 million ​every four months. What’s more, you also get a chance to enter monthly draws to win AED 10,000. All you have to do is maintain a minimum balance of AED 20,000 to enter a draw and get a chance to win. For every AED 20,000 of your Ghina savings, you get an additional entry into the draw every month.

There are also accounts specially designed for children such as ADIB Banoon Children’s Account. Along with welcome gifts and pre-paid card for the kids, it offers learning activities to teach kids the importance of saving. Students can opt for the ADIB Students Account with no minimum balance requirement. It comes with an ADIB ISIC prepaid card which offers discounts of up to 25% at select restaurants and is accepted across 130 countries.

The ADIB Gold Priority Banking Account is designed to meet the needs of priority banking members. This account offers a dedicated relationship manager, access to priority pass airport lounges, a pre-approved gold credit card and preferential rates on financing solutions.

Compare all the benefits and features of ADIB accounts

What is the eligibility criteria?

After you have explored and compared all your options, the next step is check the eligibility criteria of bank account that you wish to open. ADIB requires all applicant to be 21 years and above. The students savings account can be opened by students of age 13 years and above. Most ADIB accounts have a minimum balance requirement of AED 3,000.

How to open the account?

To open the account, you can fill up your details online to receive a call back from a bank representative.  You can also visit any ADIB branch and submit an application for account opening or call ADIB on 800 2828 for more information. You will be required to submit the necessary documents such as copy of the Emirates ID, visa and passport copies. Remember to carry the originals with you. A recent salary certificate from your employer is also required.

Ask all the important questions

Know every detail of your account before you sign up. Ask about the features of your account, whether there are any rewards programs, special promotions and privileges offered with your account. Also go through the schedule of fees to be aware about the charges associated with the account. ADIB bank accounts offer 24 hour banking services, facilities such as internet banking, telephone banking and SMS banking. Make sure to check if the account can be opened in the currency of your choice. You will receive an account number, IBAN number, debit card and a cheque book on successful opening of your account, depending on the account you applied for.

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