Come September and the mayhem resumes – excitement galore, and supermarkets and retail outlets buzzing with back to school promotions and deals. Parents are flocking to buy last-minute items for their children as the new term starts. Needless to say, even excitement comes with a price tag.

This leads us to one intriguing question:

Can we prep for the new term before it begins? Obviously, yes! 

Every parent of a school-going kid can vouch for the list of costs that accompanies the new schooling term. These costs seem inevitable, but preparing well can aid parents at budgeting their pockets well in advance – and conveniently, too. A few tips may help save a little petty cash and, as they say, a little goes a long way.

  1. Save a tad during holidays. It is not necessary to splurge your monthly expenses during off-school months. Save up a little and stash it away for those extra curricular costs come September.
  2. Teach your child a penny’s worth. As the festive season approaches, children are bundled with gifts and token money. Teach your child how to save and spend effectively by opening a children’s savings account. Also, the concept of a piggy bank isn’t that outdated, after all. Your child could even chip in to sponsor one of his out-of-school activities.
  3. Re-usability. Uniforms, reading materials and few stationery items can be re-used effectively. Try to maintain their quality so that they can be conveniently re-used, saving a chunk of costs each term.