From denial of insurance claims to receiving unsatisfactory settlement deals, car owners can sometimes get the short end of the stick when dealing with their insurance providers. To make matters worse, many customers fail to file a complaint with their insurance firm due to lack of knowledge about the procedure or the prospect of undergoing an arduous redressal process.

However, as a customer who pays his/her premium on time every year, it is your right to raise a complaint whenever you feel there is a lapse or negligence on the part of your auto insurance provider.

Here’s your guide to filing a complaint with your insurer:

Step 1: Write to your insurer

Most insurance firms prefer that the customers file their complaints in writing to minimize the possibility of any miscommunication. Prepare a simple cover note explaining the nature of the problem you are facing and attach relevant supporting documents, if necessary. You can also seek answers to any of your queries or request call from the insurance provider in case you are unable to properly explain your problem via email. You will easily find the email address and contact numbers of the company under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on their website. Alternatively, you can also write to them on their postal address.

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Step 2: Assess the response

Typically, it takes your insurance provider at least 5 working days to examine your complaint and take necessary action to remedy the issue. Within the stipulated time period, the company will write back to you with either a satisfactory resolution offer or the reason(s) for rejection. In certain cases, the firm may wish to investigate further and could seek more time to respond appropriately. Remember to note the complaint number you receive from the firm which you can quote in future instances.

Step 3: Escalate if needed

In case you are not satisfied with the response you have received or feel that your request has been unfairly rejected, you can escalate the issue to the senior complaints manager/officer. Quote the complaint number and provide reasons why you feel your issue requires further investigation. You will find a separate email ID for escalations on the website of the insurer concerned. At this stage, the complaint department will carry out a separate inquiry to study your request and will revert with the final response within 5 working days. In case your issue needs a more detailed investigation, your insurer will seek more time and keep you informed until it can reach a suitable conclusion.

Step 4: Approach the regulator

If you find that your auto insurance provider has not been able to resolve your problem even after several rounds of emails or has not responded with an offer of resolution for over eight weeks, you can finally approach the UAE Insurance Regulator. Send all relevant details of your complaint such as the request/complaint number, along with any relevant documents to: The Compliance Department, Insurance Authority, P O Box 113332, Abu Dhabi, UAE. You can also fax the details to this number: +9712 627 1220.

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