In UAE, it is compulsory to register your car with the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) which has a validity period of one year. If you are getting a brand new car, initial registration will be carried out by your dealership but subsequently, you will have to take charge. Without registration, you are not allowed to bring the car on UAE roads.

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For registration:

What documents are required for registration?

  • Owner’s passport or Emirates ID
  • Owners driving license
  • If car is mortgaged by the bank, original letter is required from the bank
  • Insurance certificate valid for 13 months
  • Trade license copy (if purchased from showroom)
  • Showroom owner’s authorization
  • Past vehicle testing certificate
  • Certificate of ownership

What procedure to follow?

If it’s a new vehicle, your car dealer will be handling the registration procedure upon submission of necessary documents. However, next time round you will be responsible for registering your car. You can follow the steps below to ensure successful registration:

  • Step 1: Submit all of the documents mentioned above at Tasjeel or any other traffic department along with your car’s application form.
  • Step 2: Wait till your registration card (Mulkiya) is printed and collect it from the designated counter along with short and long number plates. Stickers with year of registration will be provided with the card. This has to be placed on your vehicle’s rear number plate.

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How much is the registration fee?

  • Registration: AED 430 (includes car testing & long and short number plates)
  • Car Test: AED 120
  • Re-Test: AED 35

What is vehicle testing?

For car’s which are three years or above, it’s mandatory to undergo a vehicle test every year before registration. Why is this test required? The test report is required as a proof that your car is safe to drive. The test includes an extensive checkup on wheel balancing and alignment, brakes, signal lights, and carbon emission. Keep in mind the entire process can take more than 45 minutes.

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For registration renewal:

What documents are required for renewal?

  • Vehicle registration card (Mulkiya)
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Owners Emirates ID or passport/residence visa
  • Owners diving license

What is the procedure?

  • Step 1: Before proceeding with your renewal, you are required to settle all your existing/unpaid traffic fines.
  • Step 2: Visit any testing centers or traffic department with your vehicle if it’s older than three years.
  • Step 3: Fill necessary forms and pay requested registration fee.
  • Step 4: Wait till your registration card (Mulkiya) is printed and collect it from the designated counter. Stickers with year of registration will be provided with the card to be placed on your vehicle’s rear number plate.

How much is the renewal fee?

  • Car Testing: AED 120 (Compulsory for vehicles three years or more)
  • Renewal fee: AED 330

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Registration Centers:

Below are some of the vehicle testing centers in Dubai:

  • Emirates Vehicle Gate
  • Shamil
  • Tasjeel Centre Al Barsha (open 24 hours)
  • Tasjeel Centre Al Twar (open 24 hours)
  • Wasel Belhasa Vehicle Testing Centre in Al Jaddaf (open 24 hours)
  • Quick Registration in Al Qusais (open 24 hours)
  • Wasel Vehicles Testing

Keep in mind…

  • Motorists get a grace period of 30 days after their registration expires. RTA also permits motorists to renew their registration 30 days prior to expiry.
  • The fine for late renewal of your car registration is AED 20 per month.
  • A fine of AED 400 may be imposed if you are stopped by the police and your car registration has expired.
  • If the vehicle is registered after three months of expiry, the vehicle will be impounded.

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