Car owners in Dubai can now breathe easy – Renewing your car registration just got a whole lot simpler. Car registration in Dubai is one of the most recent services to be overhauled by the Dubai Government’s move towards digitization and its ‘Smart City Initiative’. Along with seven other services, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has moved car registration exclusively online.

What does that mean for you and me? Car registration renewal is now going to be quicker and easier than ever!

Follow these simple steps to renew your car registration with zero hassle:

Settle your fines

You have to start off by paying your pending traffic fines, if any. You can do this online through the RTA website or through the RTA Dubai app on your phone.

Get your car tested

Vehicles less than three years old don’t need to be tested, but if your car is older you can get it tested by visiting one of the RTA assigned vehicle-testing facilities spread around the city. Tasjeel, Shamil and Wasel centers are some of the options. The testing fee is set at AED 150 for light vehicles.

Account for about 30 minutes to complete the formalities. Upon passing the test, the results for your vehicle will be uploaded to RTA’s database instantly and you can continue the registration process online.

Short on time? You can even call up the testing companies to inquire about premium paid services wherein they arrange the collection, testing and return of your car.

Renew your registration online

Visit the RTA website or use the RTA Dubai app. You will be required to submit proof of car insurance and UAE residency to proceed with your application. Then you’ll need to search for your vehicle and pay the service fees, which is set at AED 350 for all light vehicles.

Upon successful renewal, a copy of your e-registration card will be emailed to you. You should keep a printed copy of your e-registration card if you intend to drive your car outside UAE borders.

No more plastic registration cards!

You can also wave goodbye to the plastic registration cards issued annually, and the hassle of procuring them every year. The RTA, under its ‘My Vehicle’ initiative, is replacing these with e-registration cards with lifetime validity. That’s right! The digitally issued proof of registration won’t have an expiry date unlike its predecessor.

These virtual registration cards for private vehicles have started being issued from 1st August. But keep in mind – You’ll still have to renew your registration every year and take your car to one of the RTA appointed centers for vehicle testing.

Before you drive off, keep this in mind…

You get a 30-day grace period after your car registration expires. Be sure to renew your registration before the grace period expires to avoid facing penalties.

If you’re caught driving with an expired registration, you’ll be fined AED 500. Your car will also be retained for seven days if the registration expired over three months ago.

And remember to drive safe!

Car insurance expiring soon? Don’t forget to shop around and compare your options before signing on the dotted line.

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