In UAE, it is a must to have your car insured. Without insurance motorist cannot register their car, making it an unlawful activity to drive on UAE roads. There are plenty of providers in the UAE which offer policies for motorists. But before you settle for any policy, make sure it’s worth the cost and suits your needs. So, if you are shopping around for a policy, below are a few tips to help you save on motor insurance.

Is Comprehensive The Only option?

If you have got a new car, its probably best to go with a comprehensive insurance policy. But if you have a second-hand car or wear and tear has taken its toll on your car, you can opt for a cheaper insurance policy. The best possible option could be a third-party insurance given that the cost of repair or spare parts are minimal for your vehicle.

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Check For Discounts

Are you aware of no claims discount? It makes the insurer eligible for a discount on an existing policy if no claims were made in preceding years. However, you can also ask for additional discounts on the basis of low mileage driven during the insured period or acquired a defensive driving course.

Get An Economical Car

Before picking a car to buy, research insurance rates for that model. One simple way to reduce your premium is to change your car type. The insurance policy will directly correlate to your car make which can affect the premium especially in the case of comprehensive insurance. Try looking for a low profile car which can be easy on your pocket.

Keep A Good Driving Record

Insurance companies take into consideration past driving record such as black points before providing a final quote. Make sure to drive safely and follow rules and regulations imposed in the UAE on motorists. Failure to follow imposed rules can result in fines and accidents, therefore having a significant impact on your premium.

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Increase Your Deductible

What is deductible? In simple terms, excess/deductible is the contribution you make in an event of a claim. The general rule of thumb is higher the deductible, lower the premium. Before deciding on the excess amount, make sure to choose a limit that you will be comfortable to pay as minor claims have to be made from your part.

Look For Other Options

There are over 20 insurance providers in UAE which offering motor insurance with competitive rates. These rates depend on several aspects such as past driving history, your car and much more. On you can compare features and benefits of car insurance policies and make the right choice to suit your needs.