Looking for a good bargain during a crazy sale is an art. Some of us have a natural knack for it but it doesn’t mean others can’t learn the tricks of the trade.  Here are few ideas on how you can get some excellent deals in UAE.



Shop during sales

Ever wondered how your friends managed to buy a great outfit during a sale but for some reason you don’t have the same luck? Well next time sale season comes around go early, preferably when the store opens. Being the first one in will ensure you’re the first to grab the best items in the store.

Another trick is to buy things when they are not in season such as swimwear during fall season. Stores tend to markdown their prices on out of season items. Shop and stock up during end of season sales and save on paying for really expensive things like coats or boots. This rule can also apply to airfare and holiday packages. Buying them during peak season can cost you almost twice as much. But keep in mind that such purchases require advanced planning on your part and always read the fine print for any blackout dates.

Remember, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Always think about the reason behind your purchase. So if you’re getting a designer shirt in an odd color for 50% off, don’t buy it unless you can actually use it with the rest of your clothes or else it will just take up space in your wardrobe. It’s probably a smart idea to invest in classic designer trends rather than passing ones as they last longer.

As odd as it may sound, be nice to the sales staff in your favorite shop. After all they are the ones who know when the new stock comes in, which items have been discounted and when the next sale is. A friendly attitude will take you a long way in finding out when you should visit your favorite store next.

If you are in love with the current collection of a shop but find them pricey, go shopping six weeks into the season. Chances are that the prices may have dropped as season end comes closer or old collection is being replaced by new items.

For electronic purchases, make it a habit to compare different store prices and warranty policies before buying. During sales many stores give away free items along with big electronic purchases. It’s worth shopping around to see which store will give you the most useful free gift along with your new gadget.

Making most of deals and vouchers

These days there isn’t a shortage of websites offering consumers  great discounts or deals in the market. They cover everything from retail products and electronics to spa treatments and weekend getaways. One such example is Cobone where you can get discounts on meals, experiences, car accessories and much more in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy clothes and accessories, Namshi offers a great collection of brands to its consumers with a dedicated sale section on the website.

However, be careful while shopping on online stores. It’s easy to get carried away by a tempting offers and  especially  when it is ‘just a click away’. Here’s a trick, before getting a deal make sure you call up the service provider and check if the discount offered is actually a discount and not just another marketing gimmick. If you are lucky and have impeccable negotiation skills you might even get a better discount from the original service provider.

Besides online discounts, an investment to consider is ‘The 2014 Entertainer book’. Depending on your preferences, they offer residents in UAE and Saudi Arabia discount vouchers on fine dining, entertainment, malls, travel and much more. Even though buying the book will initially cost you money but in the long run it can definitely help you save, especially if you are big on any of the activities. The Entertainer is great for families as you get group discounts and buy-one-get-one-free vouchers. You can also buy their mobile app, allowing you to take advantage of the discount vouchers without carrying the book around.

Another trick is to ask your local supermarket if they have a rewards program in place. Grocery shopping is one thing we end up doing often. With a good rewards program  you might as well take advantage of special discounts or deals being offered to frequent customer.

Don’t forget about the perks which come with your credit card. Check with your bank on places where you get discounts and stay up to date on any offers. If your card has a reward program or cashback, make the most out it.

Student discounts

Student discounts are a great way to save on your monthly allowance. With increasing cost of education and living, these discounts can come as a blessing in disguise especially since most students don’t earn while they study. Check with you university on which restaurant, supply stores and retail outlets you can get discounts at and utilize them while you still can. If you have graduated, you can use your student card to continue getting these discounts up to a certain time. Certain universities also offer alumni cards which allow you to get discounts.

With simple planning and little bit of determination, you can make the most out of sale season, discounts and offers while saving money.