Do you find your monthly expenses soaring higher than what your budget permits? Have you explored ways to supplement your income and ease your financial burden?

While side gigs and freelance work are a great way to make some extra cash, there is another no-brainer way to boost your earnings – One that most people ignore. Have you thought about all the stuff you’re hoarding that’s taking up unnecessary space in your life and home – right from that old watch to the furniture you just don’t fancy anymore? All of this ‘stuff’ holds actual monetary value. And selling the items you do not need any more is a great way to earn that extra buck!

There are a host of online avenues available that tap into this increasing trend in the UAE, through which sellers can reach out to potential buyers to trade used items for cash. Dubizzle remains one of the top choices where one can sell anything from a car or furniture to handbags or books. However, when it comes to selling your items online, it is important to be strategic if you want the deal to go through, and that too at your asking price.

Here are five simple, yet effective strategies that will help you ace the art of selling your second-hand items…

Pictures speak louder than words

Have you ever come across online advertisements with low-resolution, unclear photos? Not only do they seem unauthentic, they also look unattractive. Long story short, they’re the last thing you want to click on.

So if you’re on the other end trying to sell something you don’t need anymore, make sure you put in a bit of time and effort in taking good quality high-resolution pictures of your items. You should also put up multiple photos since most online marketplaces allow you to do so. A few tips to help you out – Capture the item from all angles, make sure the lighting is on point, and rope in a friend who’s better than you at taking flattering photos!

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It’s all in the details, so describe well

No sane buyer would even want to look at a shady advertisement which just mentions the product and does not get into its specifics. When people buy stuff, old or new, they have a detailed set of requirements about what they want and this is what they want to see in the advertisement description of the product as well. That is exactly why your advertisement needs to list out the features, current condition and the extent of usage the item has been subject to.

List your item at an attractive price

We’re truly stating the obvious here but nobody would buy an overpriced product, especially knowing that it is used. This is the reason why you should list your second-hand items at a price that reflects its true value as well as its utility for the next buyer. A simple technique for getting the price right is to look at how much a similar brand new item costs and then discounting the price based on years of usage and condition.

Your ad title is the hook

With so many sellers, especially expats, flooding the second-hand goods market with their pre-loved possessions, the competition is no doubt fierce. For example, if one goes looking for a second-hand microwave, the ads on websites like Dubizzle run into dozens of pages. So what can set your advertisement apart from the crowd? A catchy title of course! A well thought-out and self-explanatory title can increase your chances of having a prospective customer click on your ad, by grasping their ever-elusive attention.

Throw in a freebie

Who doesn’t like that free cherry on top of the cake they ordered? Entice your prospective buyers with a freebie, like an accessory, a cover bag or a voucher to go with the primary item you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling an old Nespresso coffee machine, throw in two packs of Nespresso coffee pods in the mix too. A freebie like this is bound to catch the buyer’s attention and motivate them to make the purchase from you, rather than someone else.

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