Both Etisalat and Du operate wifi network hotspots across the country.

Finding one on either network is easy – there are literally dozens dotted around the country. All you have to do is search for wireless networks on your phone, tablet or laptop and select one in range. They are also displayed on Etisalat and Du’s websites.

Selecting either the Etisalat wireless network or Du wifi hotspot will automatically bring up the landing page of the network when you open the browser.

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On Etisalat, wifi is available to both subscribers and short-term users:

  • GSM postpaid subscribers pay AED 5 for the first 30 minutes and AED 10 per hour thereafter.
  • Wasel (pre-paid) customers are charged AED 5 per every half hour.
  • eLife Double, eLife Triple and Al Shamil customers are entitled to free wifi, with the duration of the session depending on their packages.
  • Etisalat advises heavy wifi users to opt for hotspot single user, which charges a one off registration fee of AED 100 and a monthly charge of AED 95 for the first 12 hours and AED 6 for every hour thereafter.
  • You can also buy prepaid cards on Etisalat. Packages include AED 30 for three hours or AED 15 for one hour.
  • Etisalat gives people the option to buy a hotspot prepaid card online with their credit card at a cost of AED 5 for the first 20 minutes and AED 15 per hour. Other packages are also available.

Etisalat site: About wifi hotspots

Du’s wifi network is also available to both subscribers and non-subscribers:

  • For non-subscribers:
    • Purchasing one hour with a credit card costs AED 10.
    • Scratch cards offer between three hours and 180 hours surfing time.
    • Three hours costs 20 AED, 10 hours costs 50 AED and 180 hours costs 500 AED, for example. Other packages are also available.
  • Post-paid customers are charged AED 5.1 per hour.
  • Pre-paid customers pay AED 6 per hour.

Du site: About wifi hotspots