Zakat or setting aside a part of your wealth to help those in need is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam and what better time than now to get into the spirit of Ramadan, the month of giving and generosity. Whether you’re looking to shell out a big donation or put a small contribution, you can do so in a number of projects and charities across the UAE. You can also giveaway your clothes, shoes and other essentials or just offer assistance by volunteering. Below are a few schemes and charities you can be a part of.


Adopt-A-Camp works towards improving the lives of 57,400 laborers in 53 labor camps. You can help improve their lives by taking part in a number of initiatives and donate in any way you wish. The team is open to any kind of contributions, be it groceries, toiletries, telephone cards or any other form.

Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares works towards bringing education to children in developing countries. Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2007 it has implemented comprehensive primary education programs in 41 developing countries. You can make individual or company donations online or simply sign up for volunteer work.

The Sameness Project

The Sameness Project aims to increase empathy towards those who are less fortunate. One of their known projects is ‘Water for Workers’, where volunteers interact with laborers and express gratitude for their services by distributing water bottles during the hot summer months. Become a part of their projects this Ramadan.

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Emirates Red Crescent Society

As a member of the international Federation of Red Cross, Emirates Red Crescent Society supports a range of causes such as spreading health awareness and education, helping orphans, elderly, those in war torn countries, with special needs and more.  You can donate to the international causes or  local projects such as construction of houses, mosques, schools, etc.

‘Make a difference’ Ramadan Campaign

Keeping up with the spirit of Ramadan, Majid Al Futtaim launched their 10th annual ‘Make a difference’ Ramadan Campaign under which, donation boxes will be placed in 19 malls across Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman and the UAE. So the next time you visit the mall, take along giveaway items such as books, clothes, foods, toys and electronics to help those in need.

Ramadan Fridge

The Facebook group ‘Ramadan sharing-fridges in the UAE’ was started by a UAE resident in her backyard to make food accessible to workers, security guards and others in her community. The initiative instantly gained popularity and a total of 41 fridges have been placed across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. You can drop off any food item and drinks at any fridge or install a fridge at your place by just letting them know on the Facebook group. Check out the Ramadan Fridge locations here.

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Reading Nation

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and in partnership with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, Dubai Cares and the Emirates Red Crescent,  Reading Nation is a Ramadan Campaign which aims to collect, print and distribute 5 million books from the UAE to the world. You can donate online or visit the activation’s across UAE malls during Ramadan. Du and Etisalat customers can also donate via text messages.

Emirates Airline Foundation

Emirates Airline Foundation has projects which aim to deliver food, health, education and housing to children in need throughout the world. You can make a donation on-board or via bank transfer or cheque. You also have an option to donate your Skyward Miles which will be used to sponsor travel for doctors, engineers and professionals who are on humanitarian missions.

Beit Al Khair Society

Established in the UAE in 1989, the society reaches out to orphans, students, widows and those in need through its range of specially designed programmes. You can visit their branches across the UAE for donations.

Noor Dubai

Noor Dubai is a charitable initiative for the prevention and treatment of blindness and low vision internationally.  You can make a difference to how someone sees this world by donating online, through cash, cheque or set up a monthly donation towards the organisation.

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