Updated: April 2021

Zakat or setting aside a part of your wealth to help those in need is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam.  For many of us living in the UAE, giving during the Ramadan timing has become a norm.   This year, your generosity will have to take a different shape due to COVID restrictions.  Although all tents and iftar distribution in mosques have been cancelled, there are still ways you can help those in need. We have put a list of organizations that are taking in donations and will do the iftar distribution for you.   If you know of more that are not on this list, please do contact us on [email protected] and we will update this article.

Covid safe of distributing Iftar is the leading title this year

The UAE has put strict rules in place this Ramadan for individuals in terms of distribution of Iftar.  

  • It is strictly forbidden to distribute door-to-door Iftar meals.
  • Do not exchange food with family and neighbours.
  • Do not send food to mosques.

So what can you do? 

The Fujairah Charity Association has put together a safe way for donations in terms of Iftar.  They have launched an online platform to allow donors to provide as many iftars as they want and pay for it online.  You can also pick the distribution points you want and track progress of the donations. 

If you are interested, you can visit https://www.fujcharity.ae/iftar/ to choose your location and the number of Iftar for this Ramadan 2021.

Sharjah Charitable International is aiming to distribute 1 million iftar meals across Sharjah and other select locations outside the UAE.  The organization is currently taking in donations from those wishing to sponsor the project.  If you are interested contact them directly on 600 565655 for more information on how you can contribute.

Companies for good is an organization that helps corporates donate during Ramadan.  If your company or a subsection of the employee base wants to get involved, they are a good choice as they take care of the procurement and distribution.  You can visit their site at https://companiesforgood.ae/work-with-us/team-activities/celebrate-iftar-ramadan/ to discuss with them your requirements

Beit Al Khair is a charity organization which is hoping to collect donations during this Ramadan to help over 55,000 registered families and cases who are in need of relief this year.

The program will be as usual where iftar is distributed through partner malls and facilities across the country.  Al Awadhi said all the Ramadan projects will be implemented as usual. “We will be disbursing the Ramadan Mir to the beneficiaries directly through partner malls and facilities across the country.”  The organization have donation sites across the country which can be found at http://beitalkhair.org/en/donation-sites.php

Be generous this Ramadan.  Many more people need it.