Summers are all about taking a cool dip in the pool. But it would completely defeat the purpose if your swimming pool feels more like hot bathwater. And there’s no escaping Dubai’s soaring temperatures unless you want to stay indoors all day long.

As of 3rd August 2015, there were over 6,842 villas available for rent in Dubai on, out of which 1,345 have a private pool. So, almost 20% of the villas include a swimming pool. Talking about the units available for sale, there were 11,647 villas listed in Dubai on their website, out of which 2,264 have a private pool. That again yields a figure of almost 20%.

Dubai Statistics Center shows that there over 80,000 villas in Dubai, so assuming 20% of these units have a pool, that’s 16,000 pools!

So, how can you keep your swimming pool cool in these 45° C + temperatures of Dubai?

We’ve got some ideas to help keep your pool water cooler, so you can enjoy the weekend chilling in the pool with your family and friends.

Using ice blocks

Using ice blocks is an affordable way to keep your pool water temperature low. Did you know that there is a company that can deliver ice blocks to your door step? G&M Products provides this service in Dubai. You can place an order by calling their toll-free number- 800 ICE or 04-885 1199. A few things to remember:

• The price is AED 20 per block of ice and for a 10m x 2m swimming pool, you need 10-15 ice blocks to bring the temperature down to 28 degrees from 40 degrees. On a hot sunny day, it can help keep the pool cool for about  2 hours.

• Its better to book your delivery at least a day in advance. The company can only try, but not confirm delivery for orders placed for delivery on the same day. However, on Fridays they can deliver the ice blocks to you in one hour.

• There is an AED 100 charge for transportation. You get free delivery for bulk orders (100+ blocks)

According to Mr Kumar Prakash, Sales Manager-Commercial Division at G&M, last year the company supplied over 50,000 ice blocks to private pool owners. They get all kinds of requests ranging from a few blocks to bulk orders. He recalls one customer ordering 50 ice blocks every day in peak summers.

The bad news is that ice blocks provide only temporary relief. It would make sense to use them only for a special occasion like a pool party.

Running the water pump at night

Run the swimming pool water pump or attached water features like waterfalls and fountains at night. Circulation of water when the temperature outside is at its lowest can help cool your pool water by a few degrees.

Installing a pool chiller

Installing a heater/chiller unit for your swimming pool is an effective way to keep your pool water cool. Many swimming pool construction and maintenance companies in Dubai offer such equipment and installation services. Purchasing and installing such a unit is expensive and can cost you between AED 15,000-20,000 (for a small to medium sized pool).

Covering your pool

You can also use a solar pool cover and keep your pool covered at night to keep the water temperature lower. A pool cover will also keep dirt and debris from blowing into your pool and will help save water by reducing evaporation.

Keep a tab on your DEWA bills

Running the swimming pool water pump for longer or installing and running a pool chiller unit will result in a spike in your electricity bill. Here are a few simple ways to help you bring your DEWA bill back under control:

• If you’re installing a pool chiller unit, get one that’s energy efficient and appropriate for the size of your swimming pool.

• Remember to turn off the chiller unit when you don’t need to use the pool, or are travelling.

• Set pool filtration time at an optimum level.

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Is your swimming pool covered under home insurance?

Home insurance has been a hot topic amongst UAE residents, these past few years. Residents with swimming pools in their backyards need to know if damages to the pool are covered under home insurance or not.

Usually, a typical home insurance policy includes a fixed outdoor swimming pool within the insured property. Make sure to check with the home insurance provider about the extent of cover provided. Before deciding which policy to take, it’s best to compare home insurance plans available in the UAE.