Two weeks ago, Etisalat had confirmed in a tweet that the iPhone 6 is coming to the UAE on 26 September. According to the Apple UAE and Saudi sites, it will be available there on 27 September, although STC said it would be a month.

Fresh update:

In the UAE, more information on the iPhone 6 is gradually being released. Currently you can pre-order your iphone 6 from Du and Etisalat websites.

In Saudi Arabia, STC will release the iphone 6 on the 26th of September. You can also checkout their live countdown on the STC website.

According to the Zain website, you can now pre-order the iphone 6 and the release date is 27th of September.

More to follow as soon as we have it.

With its usual fanfare, Apple has announced the launch of the iPhone 6 and the bigger iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch, the new ioS8 and the Apple Pay system (in the US only for now). We’ve pulled together some quick costs and facts.

Apple prices for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

NOTE: The below is not a comparison table as the iPhone 6 in the US is only available on a 2 year contract.  In the UAE on the other hand, the prices below are for the handset only without any contracts attached.

Model Capacity US price (on contract for 2 years) * US price (on 2 year contract) in AED AED at UAE Apple site (handset only) ** US price in SR ***
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB $299 1,098 2,999 1,121
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB $399 1,466 3,399 1,496
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB $499 1,833 3,799 1,872
iPhone 6 16GB $199 731 2,599 746
iPhone 6 64GB $299 1,098 2,999 1,121
iPhone 6 128GB $399 1,466 3,399 1,496
iPhone 5S 16GB $99 364 2,199 371
iPhone 5S 32GB $149 547 2,399 559

* Apple US price on two-year US contract ** Local price for handset only at UAE Apple *** Apple Saudi site does not yet provide local prices

Sources: Apple US, Apple UAEApple Saudi Arabia 

Have a smartphone and want to upgrade on contract?


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We did some research a couple of weeks ago on switching an iPhone 5 16GB for a newer 5S. In this comparison it was cheaper to break the current contract and set up a new one for the new smartphone than to buy a new smartphone without a contract.

  • Du said you could break your contract fee for AED 50 x the number of months remaining on contract. This may vary depending on your plan, phone and the number of months left on your contract. You can find the full table of charges in question 21 of their Smart Plan page.
  • Du also have a device exchange offer, based on their valuation of your handset, and will give you an exchange voucher towards a new smartphone
  • Etisalat said it would cost AED 75 x the number of remaining months on contract.
  • You will still have to pay the upfront fee for a new phone.
  • Some stores will also do part exchanges when you buy a new mobile. Sharaf DG and Fono will accept trade-ins – for example, for a working iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4, they would give you AED 500 – 700 off the price of a new handset.

Saudi Arabia

  • With STC you have to pay off your outstanding balance to break the contract.
  • Mobily say you need to check in-branch but you may be able to update your existing package to an iPhone 6 in the last two to three months of your existing contract.
  • Zain say you cannot break or upgrade your existing contract.

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Apple event – the news

More about the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus
Screen 4.7 inch 5.5 inch
Thickness 6.9mm 7.1mm
Battery time 14 hours 24 hours
  • 8-megapixel camera has ‘true-tone’ flash
  • ‘New-generation’ Retina HD screens
  • Launch with new iOS 8 system

Apple Watch

  • Waterproof
  • Rectangular sapphire crystal screen
  • Three finishes – Apple Watch (silver), Apple Watch Edition (18-caract gold) and Apple Watch Sport
  • Two sizes for men and women
  • Interchangeable straps in leather and plastic
  • Works ‘seamlessly’ with iPhone 5C, 5S and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Acts as health and fitness device
  • Can dictate messages via a microphone
  • Available from early 2015 and prices start at $349
  • The watch has a digital crown (a dial), which is used to zoom or scroll, or return to home screen

Apple Pay

  • Apple’s new payment system will be available on phones and watch, working with Amex, MasterCard and Visa as well as banks
  • Will work with 22,000 retailers, McDonalds drive-throughs, Groupon and Uber
  • International availability of Apple Pay not announced but they are ‘working hard’ to bring it to more countries
  • Used Passbook app – cards in iTunes system can be saved or users can take a photo of their credit card, which will be verified by their bank and then added
  • The Find My iPhone system can be used to suspend payments

Other details from Apple keynote event.