The house is clean, food is cooked, kids are taken care of, hired help in the form of a full-time maid or domestic staff does make your life easier. Not only do you get an extra set of hands to get through your daily tasks, but also have someone you can count on round the clock. But ever wondered, what if an accident were to happen to them while working in your premises. Would you be paying for these expenses out of your pocket?

Injury to themselves…

Considering the fact that it is mandatory for employers to provide health insurance to their employees, any injuries suffered due to accidents at home would be accounted for under the health insurance policy. But it’s not just health that is important, protecting your house and finances in the event of an accident or third-party liability is also crucial. This is where home insurance comes into the picture. In the event you’re legally liable for an injury suffered by your domestic staff as a result of the work that they do at your home or where there is third-party liability involved, your home insurance will come to your rescue and pay for the damages.

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Injury or damage to others…

Imagine if a fire was accidentally started by your maid. This could not only gravely injure her, but also put you at the risk of destroying someone else’s property. Such a situation would be a big cause of concern and would cost you thousands of dirhams in case you’re held liable. But you have less reason to worry if you have the domestic staff cover under your home insurance policy.

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Why is it important?

The domestic staff cover under your home insurance policy protects your domestic help in the event of any injury, permanent disability or death caused by an insured peril. It also covers medical and repatriation expenses. Keep in mind, it is wrong to assume that this cover falls under your home insurance policy by default. You will need to add this cover as an add-on to your policy, and you can expect to pay an extra AED 80-100 for this feature.

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