In 2014, the number of active mobile phones surpassed the number of humans in the world, hitting a massive 7.2 billion!* It’s impossible to imagine life without our favourite little gadget anymore. And losing sight of our phone, even for a minute, is sure to send us into panic mode.

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends, then you know what it means to invest in a new phone every other year. Broken screens, damaged buttons and dysfunctional touch screens are probably your worst nightmares. And to add to that are the recent incidents of phone explosions which have been a cause for concern for many.

Owning expensive devices also makes you vulnerable to risks such as theft, loss or damage. If you think you’re prone to such accidents and have endured cracked screens or spilled coffee over your phone more than once, getting your phone insured might just be worth it.

Home insurance cover for mobile phones

Home content insurance covers against loss or damage to your household items, valuables and personal belongings. What most people don’t know is that mobile phones are covered under the ‘personal belongings cover’ in your home insurance.

This means that whether your phone is stolen or damaged by fire, floods or earthquakes, it will be covered by your home contents insurance policy. The personal belongings cover also extends to items that have been carried outside the premises but are within the geographical limits of the policy. So, if you happen to accidentally drop your phone or lose it while on holiday, you have less reason to worry. In case of an accident, your provider may repair or replace the phone based on the nature of the damage.

While this means that you won’t have to buy insurance for your phone, there is a possibility that you may be paying a higher premium at the time of policy renewal, if you do make a claim. The other downside is that this process may leave you without a phone for a longer time. Also remember to check your policy for exclusions.

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Smartphone insurance

Etisalat’s smartphone protection plan offers worldwide coverage and protects against accidental damage such as cracked screens, liquid damage, mechanical defects and forced entry theft. The plan has been launched in partnership with AXA Insurance and is applicable only if you buy your phone from Etisalat. The protection plans cost AED 120 for a six-month cover or AED 250 for 12 months.

Although such a package is not offered by Du, it offers an extended warranty and a one year insurance on its Business Phone Plans for an additional cost.

Axiom Telecom also offers optional Damage Insurance to it’s customers. This cover protects customers’ devices in the event of accidental damage which may not be covered in the warranty. These include liquid spills or unintentional physical damage such as screen breaks, etc. Your phone will be repaired or replaced as new. You can avail this protection by paying a one-time fee (10% of purchase price) for 12 months of coverage.

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*Data by GSMA Intelligence