Ambareen Musa, Founder and CEO of, expresses her insights and views on how to be financially ready for a new born in the family and all things related to that matter.

A newcomer in the family means additional expenses and paperwork

The home pregnancy kit shows two red lines. The little baby you’ve been praying for is on its way. Soon, you’ll be sporting a cute bump that can balance a teacup and you couldn’t be happier.

While you figure out how to break the good news to family, friends and possibly your employer – it’s also a great idea to start working on managing your finances. A newcomer in the family means additional expenses and paperwork. Finish the tough part while you’re pregnant to enjoy a stress-free time with your baby once it arrives. Here are nine things you can start with:

Understand your insurance
You may have a primary health insurance, but are you specifically insured for maternity? It’s better to plan for this before you plan the baby – because once pregnant, premiums get higher.

If your maternity expenses are insured, read the policy document thoroughly. What is the limit? Are all tests covered? Is a C-section (elective and otherwise) covered? Can you get a private room? Accordingly, choose the hospital you’ll go to for pre-delivery tests, birthing and post-delivery care. Also, find out which pediatricians you can visit within your insurance network.

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