Ambareen Musa, Founder & CEO of, talks about how to fix your financial state of affairs once the holiday season is long gone:

The 2016 holiday season and the most wonderful time of the year is now behind us. And even though the festive spirit is no longer in the air and the decorations have come off, there’s still an after-effect many of us are struggling with – how to get our finances back in order! But if the festivities have dampened all your budgeting initiatives and drained your savings, it’s about time you roll up your sleeves and do something about it.

If the past holiday season has left you reeling with a pile of bills and even worse, with unintended debt, here’s a to-do list compiled by our team at that will help you fix your financial state of affairs.

Tracking holiday expenses
It is easy to go overboard during the holiday season, and not just with all the delectable holiday feasts, but with spending as well. Money spent on decorations, presents, travel, food and such, can really add up and completely blow your budget. So, the first step towards tackling all the additional expenses is to track where all the money went.

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