Ambareen Musa, Founder & CEO of, talks about the importance of home insurance, and how affordable it is to get your home insured in the UAE:

There is no shortage of compelling reasons why you need home insurance. Damage, whether it is caused by a natural disaster, accident or malicious intent could set you back considerably. And what could be worse than coping with the regret of not securing your home when you had a chance.

It’s time to stop looking at home insurance as an extra expense, and instead treat it as a must-have to help protect your home and its contents.

Why you need home insurance, even if you’re a tenant

According to a 2015 survey by, 86 per cent of UAE residents don’t have home contents insurance. About 45 per cent of the survey respondents said that they didn’t consider it a priority.

The indifference towards home insurance is more pronounced among tenants. But if you’re renting in Dubai and don’t think you need home insurance, think again. Even though your building may be insured by the landlord, what about the valuable contents of your home? Did you know you could specifically insure these contents, and protect them against damage due to all sorts of risks?

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