Khaleej Times published an article on how you can maximise the benefits from using your credit card while moving homes, based on the tips by

Spread your payments

What if you could get an interest-free loan that allows you to spread the cost of a big-ticket purchase? Well, this isn’t just wishful thinking.

The trick is to use your credit card for big purchases and then convert your purchases into easy payment plans of up to 12 months at a zero per cent interest rate. This way, you ease the burden of paying the entire amount in one go or hefty amounts in interest on the carried forward credit card balance every month.

Transfer your balance

If you have already splurged using a credit card that does not offer any installment plans, don’t worry. You can simply transfer your outstanding balance to a new credit card and enjoy an interest-free period for around three to six months.

All you have to do is look for a zero per cent balance transfer card and transfer all your existing card debt. You could also earn reward points for all the big purchases you have made.

You may be charged a processing fees for the balance transfer, typically ranging from one to three per cent of the amount you transfer.

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