Souqalmal highlights the importance of financial independence for women in an article published in Khaleej times.

For women, being financially independent not only ensures our financial security but also gives a boost to our self-esteem. There are several perks of being in charge of your own purse strings. The team zooms in on some of them:

To cope with the rising cost of living
The cost of living, especially in a country like the UAE, can turn into a serious financial concern for many expats, especially if the family is solely dependent on a single source of income. If both you and your spouse are financially independent, not only can you comfortably cater for the big-ticket items as well as day-to-day expenses, but also have enough left for recreation, saving and investment.

Have an independent saving and investment strategy
If you’re financially dependent on your spouse or parents, you are less likely to take big financial decisions, especially those related to how money is saved and where it is invested.

But with financial freedom comes the liberty to make these choices on your own. You can follow any saving style or investment strategy in line with your long-term goals. Even if you want to take a calculated risk, no one’s stopping you from doing so. It’s your money after all!

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