Khaleej Times published an article on ‘The single girls’ guide to managing money’ based on the tips provided by

Whatever the reason, women are now more financially aware, more independent and definitely more empowered than ever. And to make sure that you can better control your finances, here are a few tips from

Don’t underestimate budgeting

Many of us don’t give enough credit to the humble budget, more so in the case of single men and women. And getting so caught up in living the good life in a city that never falls short of things to do and places to be, means that we often forget to take a closer look at our financial statements.

To avoid bad surprises at the end of the month, budgeting is an absolute must. A well thought-of budget can keep track of your income and expenses, and help you better manage your finances, make cutbacks where necessary and achieve long-term financial goals.

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