Kipp Report interviewed the co-founders of to see how it started and what it means to them.

“Pretty much what we’ve done is put every single product with all its information in one single format. We did our homework,” explains CEO and co-founder Ambareen Musa. “We’re moving into different verticals now with sections like mobile plans, air miles and schools in the country. We’ve built our credibility among many of the banks as well as brought our experiences to the table.”

She explains how their essential focus is mostly on providing clarity and transparency. “You don’t need to go through twenty different sites, she says.

“You don’t need to rely on each and every one. Normally, you’d have to figure out what banks are out there, who provides what and what are the contact numbers. Once you have that, good luck to you staying on the line for twenty minutes. All we’ve done is put it in one place where you can search and filter depending on what you want.

“Whenever you bring transparency to any industry, it brings about change. Many of the banks we deal with actually started using as a competitive platform to compare themselves with other banks. If there is something to be compared, we want to compare it.”

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