Are you all set to bid adieu to the land of yearlong sunshine? But before you pack up and leave, there are some crucial bits that you must keep in mind.

We’ve prepared a checklist so you don’t miss out on any of these important must-dos. Here’s wishing you a smooth farewell!

Inform Your Landlord

You need to inform your landlord that you will not be renewing your tenancy contract at least 90 days before the current contract expires. Make sure you take care of any repairs around the house if needed, to ensure that you get your full deposit back.

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Repay Your Debts & Sort Out Your Finances

You will have to repay and close any loans or Credit Cards that you may have, before exiting the UAE. After you’ve repaid and closed a loan or Credit Card account, be sure to have a no-liability letter issued by the bank, as well as any post-dated cheques returned to you.

You will also have to figure out how to transfer your savings to a bank account in the country you’re headed to. Things will be easier if you already have an offshore account. You may consider opening one now too. After the transfer has been sorted, make sure you close your UAE bank accounts to avoid incurring a monthly fee.

Sort Out Your Kids’ School Transfer

You should notify your kids’ school at least two-three months before leaving, which should give you enough time to sort out the paperwork related to the transfer. Also, check with potential schools in your next destination about their transfer requirements beforehand, so you don’t miss anything.

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Decide What To Do With Your Car

Selling your car may actually be more convenient than shipping it to another country. If you choose to sell, you’ll have to do so at least one-two months before your departure. This will give you enough time to put the car up for sale, manage the viewings and negotiations, and close any pending car loan if needed.

If you decide to ship your car, get in touch with shipping/relocation companies to get a quote for shipping the car to your next destination.

Decide What To Do With The Other Stuff

You have the option of selling your stuff or shipping it to wherever you’re headed to. That includes everything from your furniture to home appliances. If you’re selling your stuff, you can do so by putting up ads on dubizzle or even organizing a garage sale. You probably won’t be able to sell everything, so consider donating whatever’s left. You could also request your landlord to let you leave some of the furniture and furnishings in the house as is.

If you’re shipping your things, make sure you plan the logistics well in advance. Again, you’ll have to get quotes from international relocation companies before you pick one.

Close Your Utilities Account

You will have to disconnect your DEWA account (or SEWA, ADWEA…) and pay the final outstanding dues in order to get your original deposit back. Allow for a few days for your cancellation request to be processed.

Close Your Telecom Accounts

Your Etisalat or Du connection will also have to be canceled. If you were using any equipment issued by your telecom provider (for fixed line or TV package services), you’ll have to hand that over too. Consider converting your postpaid mobile service into a prepaid one for ease of use later on.

Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report

This is an important one. Apply for your credit report and go over it carefully before you exit the UAE. This will help make sure you don’t have any pending credit card payments or loans with banks in the UAE, and that all the banks’ records have been correctly updated with your final repayments.
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Cancel your UAE residence visa

You must cancel your visa as well as your dependents’ visas at least two to four weeks before your departure. Coordinate with your employer to ensure this is taken care of.

Once your visa has been canceled, you will have 30 days to leave the country. Make sure you leave before this grace period expires, to avoid fines for overstaying.