Financial institutions in the UAE have fashioned loan products to suit the needs of local citizens. These loans mainly include mortgages and personal loans. UAE nationals can use the additional financing for various purposes such as home construction and renovations, buying shares, purchasing land and much more.

Products for UAE Nationals

UAE Nationals can access different type of loans vs expatriates.  One of the examples is the home loan for UAE Nationals.   The loan would finance of the land and any construction costs of the house on the land, an option that is not available to expatriates.

We have put together a list of banking products that are available exclusively for UAE Nationals including their benefits and what you need to watch out for before signing up.  Carefully weigh all the pros and cons before making the final decision.

ADIB Al Kahir Settlement

Great for: To apply for this personal loan, customers have to meet a low minimum salary requirement of AED 5000. There is a 0% upfront fee and no early settlement fee. Loan amount can go up to AED 3 million and customers have the option of not paying the first 3 month installments.

Be aware: In order to avail of lower profit rates, you will have to transfer your salary.

ADIB Shares Finance

Great for: If you are looking to invest in shares, ADIB offers financing solutions to buy shares from listed companies. You will have the freedom to sell these shares whenever you please. There is a low minimum salary requirement of AED 5000 with an option to postpone two payments per year. If you decide to pay off the loan earlier than expected, you won’t have to pay an early settlement fee.

Be aware: Customers have to pay 1% arrangement fee to take out this loan.

ENBD UAE National Personal Loan with Additional Income

Great for:  Customers can enjoy high loan amounts as any of their extra income is taken into account during loan approval. This means that besides your salary, rental income or sponsorship fee will be considered, therefore allowing you to get a higher loan. There also a 7 day return policy if you feel like you aren’t happy with the terms and conditions or have a change of mind.

Be aware: You will need to prove rental income and sponsorship fee by providing tenancy contract, trade license and a bank statements. Other additional paperwork may be requested.

ENBD Home Improvement Cash Loan

Great for: If you’re lacking funds to redecorate your home, this loan can provide you with the extra cash. You can borrow up to AED 3 million and pay it back over the next 12 years. Once all the paperwork is approved, the borrowed amount will be automatically credited into your personal bank account.

Be aware: A salary transfer to ENBD is mandatory and your company should be listed with the bank.

Al Hilal Bank Land and Construction

Great for:  Customers who need financing to purchase land and construction of their new home can apply for this mortgage. Its sharia compliant product and loan amounts can go as high as AED 10 million.

Be aware: There is a minimum salary and down payment requirement. There also an upfront fee of 1% of the finance amount.

Emirates Islamic Binaa Home Finance Home Lease

Great for: People looking to buy a completed property can benefit from this mortgage as it provides you financing up to 80% value of the chosen property. Loan amounts can as high as AED 10million with a repayment period of 25 years.

Be aware: There is a 3% early settlement fee and 1% processing fee.

Whenever you looking to borrow, always keep an out for hidden charges and compare all rates. Compare all your options at with the updated rates and charges for home loans and personal loans for UAE nationals.