Hiring a maid from an agency means not having to worry about a visa or whether you are hiring a maid legally. We’ve listed some of the many agencies in the UAE and their hourly costs.

Things to check before choosing an agency

  • What services? You can normally choose to pay extra for cleaning products. The amount of time you choose depends on whether you also want them to do ironing, washing, cooking, babysitting etc. When choosing an agency, check whether they offer these extras and at what cost.
  • What notice? Also check how much notice you need to give of cancelations, e.g. for vacations or to swap days for public holidays, as well as for total cancelation of the contract with the agency.
  • How do agencies charge? Generally agencies charge by the hour but for a minimum of two to four hours per session.
  • Get insurance cover: Make sure you are covered by accidental damage on your home insurance and whether you need additional maid cover, for instance if your maid falls while working in your property. [Compare home insurance]

UAE cleaning agencies

Maid agency AED/ hr Phone no Website Notes
7 Days Maids 35 04 252 3272 7daysmaids.com Different rates on Fridays/ holidays/ deep cleans
800 Clean 40 800 25326 800clean.com Four-hour minimum call-out
City Sky (Sky Maid) 40 04 332 4600 cityskymaid.com Four-hour minimum call-out. AED 25 for male cleaners, 35 for female.
Dial A Maid 35 800 5151 dialamaid.ae Four-hour minimum call-out
Dubai Maids 80 04 880 4670 dubai-maids.com Per hour cost for crew of two maids
Eco Maid 35 04 388 1292 ecomaidme.com Four-hour minimum call-out
Helping Hands 30 800 4427 helpinghandsuae.com Offers membership and loyalty program, and two-hour minimum call-out
Home Help 35 04 355 5100 homehelp.ae Two- to four-hour minimum call-out, depending on location
Howdra 40 04 238 0088 howdra.ae Four-hour minimum call-out
Jumeirah Maid Cleaning Services 35 04 344 6690 jumeiramaid.com Four-hour minimum call-out
Just Mop 35 055 774 67 56 justmop.com Two-hour minimum call-out
Kingdom Group 35 02 627 2755 kingdomgroup.ae Four-hour minimum call-out. Prices start at AED35 for Muroor and Hamdan road and can increase for other areas.
Maids.ae 45 055 222 9800 abudhabimaids.ae Four-hour minimum call-out
Maidsmatic 40 05 566 46662 maidsmatic.ae Four-hour minimum call-out
Molly Maid 35 04 339 77 99 mollymaidme.com Three-hour minimum call-out
Pretty Polly 35 050 091 74000 prettypollycleaning.ae Two-hour minimum call-out. Different rates on Fridays/ holidays
SMS Maids 35 04 258 2425 smsmaids.com Two- to four-hour minimum call-out, depending on location