As an expat living in Dubai for over two years now, I’ve come to realize that Dubai is a great city to earn a high salary, but it’s also a place where you spend a lot of money – on things you don’t necessarily need. But, with plenty of mobile apps and initiatives available, there are now more ways to save money. If used correctly, mobile applications can not only help you save your money, but they can also keep track of your expenses, allowing you to be more financially responsible. Below are a couple of my favorite mobile apps which I use to help me save and enjoy!

 Buy one get one free

This could just be my American-ways, but I’m the kind of person that loves coupons. At the beginning of every year, I make sure to allocate AED 790 to purchase The Entertainer ‘s Dubai App + the Dubai Fine Dining App. For the one-time cost, you’re able to get access to over 900, Buy One Get One Free offers. In 2015, I saved over AED 9,000 between the Dubai Fine Dining and the Dubai 2015 app.

I recommend purchasing the application, rather than the book – as you tend to forget to carry around the coupons with you. Not only are you able to save on dining out, but the app also includes discounts to spas, activities, and many more!

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For the food lovers

One app that I always find myself using, is Zomato. It’s not only great to check restaurant’s menus, images, and reviews – but if you’re looking for a way to save money on eating-out, Zomato allows you to filter restaurants based on the cost.

Digitizing loyalty cards

Here in the UAE, loyalty cards are very popular – but they tend to stack up in your wallet, which can be quite annoying and we don’t end up using them. I’m all for promoting new initiatives, so I started using Snappcard. It’s a free application you can easily have on my mobile and also earn loyalty points at your favorite salons and restaurants. For example, at Polished Nail Spa, I snapped five times, then on my sixth visit, I received a free manicure – saving me AED 70.

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Tracking your expenses

Recently I became aware that I was spending a lot of money, but wasn’t sure where I was spending it. I came across Wally, which is a free mobile application that allows you to not only track your expenses, but also set financial goals for yourself. Through the app, you’re able to track all your spending and take a note of what exactly your expense is, such as lunch, and where you’re having lunch, such as Public Café. Keeping up with entering your expenses is not as difficult as you think – if you’re able to enter in details after every spend.

By just using these four apps, my total savings are over AED 10,000 in 2015. Even though these apps are my personal favorites, there many other apps out there to suit your specific needs to help you save better this New Year.