There are bound to be countless instances in your life when you put your foot down and say ‘no’ to certain financial requests from both family, friends and third parties vying for your attention. In this day and age, money has become a contentious issue, and if not dealt with the right care, it could very well turn into a toxic and dangerous issue between families and friends. In this article, we’re going to be discussing a couple of instances where saying ‘NO’ is always the best way out..

When you’re struggling financially, and being forced to lend

It doesn’t matter who’s asking for money, the bottom line is this: If you aren’t in a position to give, then the question itself is redundant. You must make sure that you have enough money to go about with your life, and a cushion for emergencies. When lacking either of these two, you yourself are in a position of financial deficit. Always say no, regardless of who the person is that’s asking to borrow – whether it’s your close relatives or your long-time friend.

When you’re being pressured into buying stuff you don’t need

We live in an age of predatory capitalism, and you’re bound to end up in a position when you’re being coerced into buying something you don’t want. This could come about in numerous venues, through physical agents that you meet at your doorsteps, or nagging email ads that reach you through the web. One way or the other, if you’re being forced to buy something that you explicitly don’t need, then simply giving your money away to make the nagging stop is not worth it. Put your foot down and say no whenever you’re in such a situation, for your financial stability is more important in this case. [Related: Manage Your Cash Better with Envelope Budgeting]

When your child coerces you into buying

If you have kids, money and purchases can be an especially tricky subject to approach. We all know the propensity of children when it comes to making demands and pressuring parents into meeting them. However, if the situation comes to a point when the demands exceed your budget, then always stop and put your foot down. We know it may be hard seeing your children get upset, but the money that you save today is meant to safeguard their future tomorrow.

When a financial advisor pitches an idea you don’t like

Most families reach out to financial advisors to help navigate the world of savings, investments and wealth creation tactfully. However, understand that these advisors are also agents for corporate interest, and can sometimes jeopardize their clients’ decisions through their skewed vision. There may be times when your advisor makes a pitch for an investment idea that you soundly reject. This could involve undertaking high risk that’s making you jittery or investing a bigger sum than you’re comfortable allocating. Make sure you stick to your line and refuse to give in, for your intuition is always the best advisor when confronting such situations. In Conclusion.. At the end of the day, it takes some nerve to escape such sensitive situations. But patience and some knack with regards to dealing with people can help do the job. Keep the above tips in mind and always remember to keep your financial control with yourself. [Related: Is ‘lifestyle inflation’ dragging your savings down?]