When it comes to selecting a motor insurance policy, it’s common to find people trying to reduce their rates by eliminating some features they consider costly. Lower rates are always good but don’t walk into this process blindly as later you may realize how costly it can be after an accident.

Below are few extensions to your comprehensive motor insurance which can help you in the long-run.

Agency or non-agency repair

In simple terms agency repair means in case of any damage to your vehicle, you can only take it to the manufacturers authorized garages (example, Al Futtaim for Toyota) and not other garages to get it fixed. In this case, you are guaranteed that original parts will be used for your vehicle in a quality controlled environment. If you have opted for non-agency repair, the car will be repaired in other garages (not just those of manufacturers ) authorized by your insurer.

Car hire

Insurance companies provide the facility of renting a vehicle when your car is being repaired and they cover the cost. The duration of  the rented car varies and depends on your insurance policy. This is an extended facility which comes along with comprehensive insurance. Having car hire as part of your policy can save you money in case your car breaks down.

Personal accident 

As the name suggests it protects the driver and passengers in case of an accident. Generally, drivers who usually have passengers with them on regular basis opt for this additional cover. The cost to include this in your policy varies depending on your insurance provider and policy. If you wish to get passenger accident cover, it is generally charged at AED 30 per seat which means if you have a seven-seater car you are required to pay no less than AED 210.

Natural Disaster

Floods are not common in the UAE  but it’s always an advantage to get a cover against natural disaster. However, insurance companies have laid down few ground rules which again depends on your insurance provider. For example any claims against damages caused due to floods, typhoon, hurricane, earthquake or any other calamity can only be approved provided the car was parked. So, before you get this additional cover make sure you check in which instances you will be covered.

Roadside Assistance

This is a really simple extension to your insurance policy. If you have met with an accident or your car breaks down, the cost of recovery is covered by your insurance provider. This cover is usually included in the policy, however if it is not you can get this for approximately AED 30 which is relatively less compared to calling a recovery service separately which can cost an average of AED 150.

Value of Car

It’s important to provide exact value of your car to the insurance company. Why? To avoid paying a high premium, many insurance holders tend to lower the net value of the car, making it possible to pay less premium. This has a drawback as during an accident the claim will only be made as per your car’s value and premium.

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These extensions to your policy will increase your premium but subsequently lowers the risk of high payment when an actual incident takes place.